India students prefer Singapore

[Singapore: An emerging destination for Indian students Kaustubh Kulkarni / Pune May 14, 2008, 0:05 IST reporting in Business Standard The Indian student's dream foreign university is usually either from the UK or US. Other countries find it difficult to attract Indian students. Singapore, however, is trying to position itself as the destination of choice for Indian students. The country wants Indian students to enrol in its institutes, from the higher secondary or the junior college level onwards. Singapore is basing its pitch on its geographical proximity to India, professional education that provides excellent job opportunities, the business and trade environment of Singapore and its cosmopolitan culture.] Why would Indian students want to pursue their education in Singapore when India is producing better and more talented students that are replacing Singaporeans in the local job market? Indian talents are more sought after than Singaporean talents and this can be seen in their strong and growing presence here. So what is the attraction? The quality of Singapore education or job opportunities vis a vis the less talented Singaporeans?


Citizen World said...

Singaporeans, be afraid, be very afraid. The India-educated Indians can already whip your arses and take your jobs. Imagine what the situation will be like with Singapore-educated Indian workers. You guys will be totally squeezed out of the job market and LKY's prophecy of Singaporean women going overseas to work as maids may just come true. He should have added that the Singaporean males who will be displaced by these Indian professionals will also have to go overseas to become construction workers too :)

Good luck to those Singaporean stuckers.

redbean said...

now i am getting depressed : (

Anonymous said...

Never mind, let the red dot sink. Global warming is serious now and the polar ice-caps are melting. What else is left to worry or getting depressed about?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Great! For one thing, I love Indian chicks. And the cuisine... oh my!

This is good news to me. You people can get depressed if you like. I choose happiness instead!

redbean said...

when you put milk into tea you get teh tarik. shiok. when you put milk into coffee you get kopi susu. yummy.

when you put milk into tea and add coffee, cocoa, chilli and pepper, and more, you will get more than you can handle.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't know (and actually don't give a shit) why more S'poreans aren't celebrating the fact that to emigrate into S'pore is so easy. It is already a global society -- international and hip.

You have lots of people from China, and now lots more from India. You have people from all over Asia coming and living, and the Middle East, as well as from Europe and America (North and South), and let's not for get the Kiwis and Aussies.

You buggers should hang out at places like Holland V more often, and spread the love.

The way you talk about "foreigners" is damn unfriendly. Lighten up lah.