In the mood for Celebration

Reading the msm on home news, I just got this feeling to celebrate. The National Day is around the corner and a lot of exciting programmes have been lined up. Then the Nature Walk from Mount Faber to West Coast. This has been reported over and over again over several days. I too got into the mood for the walk. But thinking about logistics, parking the car and finding the way back to the car is going to be a big hussle. And don't forget about the parking fees. Singaporeans are truly lucky. Cyclone in Myanmar, tornadoes in US, bombing in India and earthquakes in China with tragedies unfolding. Here we are safe and sound and looking towards celebrating and enjoying our parks.


Matilah_Singapura said...

> Singaporeans are truly lucky. Cyclone in Myanmar, tornadoes in US, bombing in India and earthquakes in China with tragedies unfolding. <

I called god's office today -- because of his busy schedule, he couldn't take the call, so his large-breasted, anal-queen and fellatio maven secretary Anna-Nicole Smith took my call instead.

I asked her why god has left out S'pore in his latest production of global entertainment? Ms Smith told me that god never forgets any of his children (the big fucker that he is) and that he has been planning something "really special" for his kids in Unique Singapore.

She went on to remind me that "The devil is in the details", and that god is taking extra special care in designing an "unforgettable theatrical experience" for the inhabitants of Singapore, for a simple reason: competition. He is aware that his friend and rival allah is also planning a "main event" for Indonesia and Malaysia, and god just wants to make certain that he doesn't come across as a "second-rate deity" when people start comparing his work to allah's.

So I said to Anna-Nicole "Oh I see, it's a dick thing then?"

"Yes, Your Eminence Pope Matilah... Boy's will be boys...and compete with each other by the size of their toys...", said Anna-Nicole.

So Singapore, don't feel left out. The plan that god has for you will soon be revealed.


redbean said...

you go to see god to sabo paradise! how can you do this kind of stuff to us. i am going to see anna nicole and have a long chat with her ont this.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Don't be silly lah. Why would I want S'pore destroyed? Gone will be Boat Quay, Holland V and East Coast. Then what am I supposed to do? How will I be happy in S'pore?

I will use my influence as a Pope to reason with the fella. I might have to leverage my influence by talking to his neurotic son... get some 'family pressure' happening, if you know what I mean.

redbean said...

now who is silly? who would want to see god when anna nicole is available, and talking about sabo paradise when there are more pleasant things to do : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

Of course I'm silly. Look at my first post in this thread!

I'm not one of those people who believe that bloffing or foruming actually "make a difference". That is just plain fucking DUMB.

BTW, many people believe this -- even "academics" and (so-called) "intellectuals" in universities. They write papers like "The Social Impact of blogging and the internet" and bullshit like that... all complete nonsense -- false premises galore!

Silly I am. Stupid I am NOT.

redbean said...

ok, give you a doctorate for that thesis : )