I challenge you!

The last time I remembered challenging someone was 40+ years ago. And we ended up in the backlane wrestling each other. The last we heard of the Seng Han Tong challenge to the Workers Party was for the WP to hire only Singaporean workers. And I heard a second challenge was issued to WP for its contractors not to hire foreign workers. This game of challenge is getting interesting. Would the WP start to challenge the govt to allow foreign talents to stand for election? Or would the challenge be on the reduction of petrol prices, reduction of hospital bills? Or would the WP make a challenge that if they become Ministers they will only ask half the present pay? The possibilities of throwing challenges at one another is enormous. And why not when there is no consequences.


Anonymous said...

Or challenge the PAP to fight one against one in the next election?

Anonymous said...

WP stands for Wayang Party. It is led by a ball-less leader who has trouble putting together a coherent sentence in English. He won't dare to issue any counter-challenges to the PAP MPs who are head over shoulders above him in terms of intellect and finesse.

Anonymous said...

WP becoming the Government ? God forbid that a bunch of liars and ruffians would lead our country. That would be a sure fire signal to leave because they will take Singapore back down to Third World status in a matter of months.

redbean said...

agree that the current batch of opposition candidates will allow pap to win by default.

and i used to think that for singapore to have a functional two party system the hope if for pap to split. today i have different thoughts. we really need new blood with new ideas and new values.

having no money party is a problem. having party that talks only about money lagi problem.

Anonymous said...

PAP won't split. You forget that their MPs are largely made up of handpicked bureaucrats, academics and corporate types. These are not politicians in and of themselves. They would much rather toe the line and preserve the status quo rather than risk everything they've got for a political ideal. Two party politics in Singapore is but wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about others. I only know what is best for me. And for me and my family, there are only two choices:

1. Leave the country and settle down somewhere else, be it third world or second world or first world, does not matter as long as the cost of living is bearable and there is certain degree of safety.

2. Stay and make full use of the system; exploit the system to the fullest, e.g. join the Grass-Roots and make use of the perks, join the PAP and use the connection to boost my own business, or work in the Govt agencies or ministries and try to climb as high as possible to enjoy the power, pay and status, etc.

Why? Because I think politics in Singapore is totally hopeless when you have such a large majority of people who are so kiasu and kiasi. Look at Mr Chiam. He has been in it for at least 28 years, yet he still could not make any headway. Look at Mr Low, the longer he stays as an MP, the more kiasu and kiasi he becomes. I just wonder whether he still got his balls with him. Even Sylvia Lim has become like a rabit. The only person who is really working is Dr Chee Soon Juan, even to the extent of sacrificing his children's comfort and future.

Is there still a small ray of light at the end of the tunnel? I doubt.


Anonymous said...

it is quite through, till now, that hoping for the pap to split is quite slim. and even to catch a few with mahathir syndrome is also hard to find.

i am trying to post through this means to see if i can get in. still having difficulties posting normally.


redbean said...

ok, i get in. let me try using redbean nick.