I am sadden

I read from the feedback of MPs that more and more people are seeing them for help, for handouts. These people used to be from the lower income group. Now increasingly they are from the lower middle income group. What is happening to these Singaporeans huh? Giving them the best education money can buy and they are now in queue for charity? Why can't they buck up, work hard, and like the smart Singaporeans, earn $100k a month? In this land of opportunities and possibilities, how can they be in the queue for free money? That is the wrong queue. What have gone wrong? We are the best, the most highly educated in this part of the world or among the best in the developed world. Why are our people begging? They must be lazy, and maybe our claims that we have the best workers are not true. And yes, yes, we need more foreign talents to replace them. These useless Singaporeans only have themselves to blame when foreigners can work here and be so happy. Or like the little girl said, my father is earning so much, these people who cannot make a decent living here should get lost.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The fact that they are asking the MPs for handouts and loans speaks volumes: people are not taking responsibility for their lives. They are expecting "someone" to "save them". That speaks volumes.

Makes you realise why these nut-jobs are in the predicament they are in. They did it to themselves!

Abao said...

Well this happened because our education schemes are too rigid. If we threw ppl out to the wilderness after their O'Levels and let them learn the skills as they work they will be much better off imbo.

There will definitely be enough low, middle and high income job demand then.

redbean said...

i always say that whatever we do, especially policies, will cut both ways. the education policy of moderating the grades to make everyone score straight As and make many parents happy will come to kill us. every student now thinks that he is made of better stuff which he is not.

there is no such thing that a society is all made up of intelligent people. some will have to be the cleaners and the workers and some the thinkers and tinkers. the normal distribution will always be there. once we distort that, we will have structural problems.

Mockingbird said...

Huh? Just because an average salaried Singaporean worker can't make $100k a month, he's deemed to be lazy? That's rather warped. Most of these workers are hardworking people who have no choice but to labor and slog it out until their dying day.

From the day they started their education and completed it. Whether they have good or poor results, where they get to work at, their job opportunities, the amount of salaries they can command, is more or less, fixed.

Of course, those who didn't study very high, didn't get high paying civil service jobs, can always strive to be millionaires by doing sales.

i agree though that people who are above the lower income group should not be expecting handouts from their MPs. In the face of escalating inflation (10% to 20% increase) coupled with 1% salary increment, the middle income group are the hardest hit.

Would it help if this portion of the population vote against the ruling party? How would the opposition, if elected as gahmen, help them to cope with ever-rising costs of living? Perhaps they can start by drawing a lower salary? So that the gahmen would have a bigger budget to help the poor and needy?