Horrifying news

I read in the weekend papers of people commenting that they need a $1000 or $1200 pm income in order to get married. What were this people thinking? Still living in the 60s when a 4 figure salary is a big deal? Even if both are earning $1200 pm, it is a big drag. They will barely get by on their own. No more free school fees, free medical, free tuition, etc. Correct me if I am wrong on these. Some may be getting a lot of freebies from Community Welfare Funds, and there are plenty of them if they are qualified. If not they could appear in TV Charity Shows to help to raise fund for themselves. Yesterday I posted about the guy with a $600 pm single income and two kids. He is brave enough to bring two innocent lives into this paradise when nothing is free. I do not know whether it is foolhardy or idiotic, whether he is doing a meritorious act to help in the birth of two human bean, or he is setting up for two tragedies to happen? With the high cost of living, a minimum combined income of $3000 may barely get by with one kid. People need a lot of education on the cost of living here and how much is needed to start a family. Long gone were the days where families lived off the land with 10 or more children, each with one pair of shorts and a singlet to live by. And where food can be found in the forests or hunted. Or where fire is free from fallen tree trunks and water free from the well. This is a big city and all facilities are world class with world class price tags. Want to have more world class facilities? Want to pay more?


Anonymous said...

The trouble with these people is that they may be living with their parents and do not realise that there are many other commitments beside their own transport. lunch, handphone charges etc and possibly the fixed allowance for parents, if any.

When they get married, many other expenses will come into the picture, like home loan instalments, utilities, conservancy charges, tv licence fee, property tax, and later with kids there will be school bus charges to pay besides the kindergarten school fees and children expenses. When reality sets in, trouble comes and paradise is lost.

redbean said...

actually this is an improvement over the mentality of the 50s and 60s. many young men and women, or more accurately, young boys and girls in their 18s and 19s, were already married.

and the best part, they have not even started work and still getting pocket money from their parents. and children came very fast and supported by their parents too.

today, with everything having to be paid in hard cash, it would be a nightmare.