Get rid of baju kurung!

A heated debate is on in Malaysia to get rid of the baju kurung which the Malay students have been wearing since time immemorial. It is a traditional Malay dress and there is nothing indecent or disgraceful about it. What the advocates dislike about the dress is that it is too sexy and will be the reason for rape. How silly can they be. A pretty face is also a reason for rape. Hide the face? Ok, Ok, bring in the burqa. Malaysian students should henceforth be banned from wearing traditional Malay baju kurung and opt for Arabic burqa. Soon they will all be more Arabic than Malays.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I for one don't expect anything intelligent to come out of a society which is fundamentally goverened by religion.

Every religion attempts to suppress the allure of a woman, and take away as much freedom form women as possible.

Nothng new about that.

Bring on the burqa. Look like Darth Vader, and save on sunscreen!

Anonymous said...

It's actually not about baju kurung, but about Malaysian school uniforms being 'revealing'. I'd agree that the fabric can be too thin - but these guys are aiming for another galaxy altogether.