Extraordinary Gains!

With the high cost of living escalating, oil and commodities and food prices running wild, the least the govt can do is not to ride on the extraordinary gains through GST and other taxes on these items. Do something towards these taxes to reduce the cost a little for the people. And this is NOT asking for subsidies. Just maintain the govt's income from such taxes and not making more because of all the external factors. Why no one raises these issues in Parliament? Seat belt is important. But so important meh, that the high cost of living is a non issue except to Low Thia Kiang and Sylvia Lim?


Anonymous said...

Seat beat issue was thoroughly trashed out in parliament. Much time was spent discussing this and many mps voiced their opinion.

MM said that Singapore should never go down the subsidy route. Therefore all mps lost their voices on that issue.

What a wayang that was!!!

Anonymous said...

We don't need MPs in Singapore. It is just a wayang show for in reality they are not there to represent the common people. We all have to do something to regain our lost rights, otherwise we will be like serfs serving our masters.

There is no doubt that seat belts are important. Similarly lifts on every floor in a highrise building. The government wants these to be implemented as they realise these are needed by the citizens. Even for the HDB window hinges the citizens has to bear the cost of replacement. However, it appears that there was a lack of foresight on their part in not having them in the first place. Now the burden is on the citizens to pay for their mistakes. Similarly they encourage the slogan "two is enough, one better" and they did a U-Turn on the one child policy. The public were the ones who were affected for now there is -zero growth population.

If one were to think deeply, all Singaporeans had to sacrifice for Singapore. Apart from NS, what about the loss of use of most of the land fronting the sea? We have Changi Airport, PSA, Marine Parade, Pulau Ubin and etc. Are these not sacrifices Singaporeans made so that the nation benefit? Then further on, PSA and Changi amongst many other government-linked organisations are making millions, if not billions, annually to fill the coffers of the government and Temasek. Why are the government so kiam to give some back to the people?

Why do we need to create great wealth for the nation, be a wealthy country, but the people are suffering and yet have to work beyond retirement age to survive? Are we not making enough sacrfices? For whom does the bell tolled?

redbean said...

what is the govt for? yes, you asked, for whom the bell tolls?

it is just like people working for money to better their lives. eventually some will work to hoard money till they die and left all the money in the banks or for someone else to inherit.

tomorrow is always tomorrow. it is important to live for now, the present. we need not be reckless to spend everything we have but similarly we need not have to save everything for tomorrow which may never come.

Anonymous said...

a country should not be run like an Inc. and the overriding concern should not be about greed and making money.

every cent of the sovereign wealth should be redistributed to its stakeholders, the people. and there is no need for subsidies at all.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If people expect tax relief, they are going to have to be more aggressive than redbean's wimpy style.

No govt ever gives up tax revenue without a serious fight. And definitely no govt ever in the whole of human history gives tax breaks "from the goodness of their heart".

The game of politics iis played like this: never give up something for nothing.

Unless there was MASSIVE public opinion for tax cuts to help ease the burden of rising costs, you can rest assured there'll be no change.

Anonymous said...

since foreigners are freely allowed into our country like no where else in the world, and literally given free rein to take away our career opportunities and rice bowl in order to generate more tax revenue, it is therefore imperative that the govt should subsidise every citizens in all aspects of needs with our sovereign wealth.

redbean said...

we should learn from the pedra branca case, start claiming and continue claiming. at least we are not giving up.

malaysia is claiming every little outcrops in the sea now. not claiming anything is to lose it by default.