Engaging the bloggers

Najib Razak agreed that it is important and correct to engage bloggers and clear whatever misconceptions or misperceptions there are among the people of the govt. It is simply communication, talking to and with the people. This is one of the good things that came out of the recent political earthquake in Malaysia. The earthquake has propelled Malaysia ahead of Singapore in openess and willingless to engage bloggers. Their politicians are even confident enough to advocate that all politicians must have their own blogs to share their thoughts on things. Such attitude cannot have happened in a political system when politicians would have to double check with the boss for approval before sharing their views. Malaysia is going to lead Singapore in this area. Posting in cyberspace requires a lot of give and take as words could not always describe correctly or accurately what the poster intended. Also, without mischief or malice, some words or views may come out harsh and very critical. At times they are due to misconception, misunderstanding or wrong interpretation of things. And all these can easily be clarified and straightened with two way communications that cyberspace is best at. Honest people posting in cyberspace should engage honest people in a gentlemanly way even if both do not see eye to eye. Views can be different or opposing. No matter. What is unfortunate will be for some uptights to resort to threats and taking people to courts for the slightest misunderstandings or misrepresentations. Adults must be allowed to talk it out, reason it out in a rational and graceful manner. Then we will have progress as a civilisation and keep pace with the progress in technology, like internet and cyberspace. Only when the intent is more than simply an airing of views, when there is intent to mislead, to libel, to attack someone's integrity wrongfully, and when sincere exchange of views were ignored, then there is ground to seek legal justice. At the moment cyberspace is seen as a dangerous place, where angels fear to thread.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Pukimak! Orang ini gila dan bodoh lah!

There is one blog being registered every second. Bloggers are only publishing what they think -- i.e. their opinion.

Who has the time to engage everyone with whom one disagrees? And what purpose would it serve?

What lunacy!

Anonymous said...

...'But if anybody puts his name in print or verbally identifies himself out of court with those remarks, is challenging my integrity, (and) is prepared to stand on his credibility, we will need to have it resolved,' he added...

Be prepared.

redbean said...

eh bodoh, if you don't understand my posts, don't make a fool of yourself ok?

i am referring to angels in paradise. you understand what i am saying?