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Don't worry, we have plenty of rice stockpile

This is a very comforting message. And then there is NTUC Fairprice advising people to switch to housebrands that are cheaper or go for special discount promotions. And the govt has assured the people that they will help those who need help, directly. A Lily Cheong wrote to the ST complaining, yes, complaining that 'A 10kg bag of rice rose from $17.50 or $18.50 to $20.80 one week ago. On Tuesday, the price rose to $26.80.' Using the $17.50 as base, this is more than 50% increase in slightly more than a week. She added that for low price cooking oil, 'For a 2kg bottle, the price rose from $2.35 to $5.25 or $5.35 a week ago. On Tuesday, the price spiked again to $5.90...for cooking oil sold under Fairprice's house brand, labbeld a low price item.' Total increase is more than 150% from $2.35. At the rate this is going, the people better be afraid. Be very afraid. There will be plenty of rice and basic essentials available. But money will not be enough.


Anonymous said...

The most ridiculous part is after the 150% increase of their housebrand cooking oil, they then shouted loudly about their giving an additional 5% discount. This is just as they say, giving you a chicken drumstick but taking back one whole chicken. And I thought NTUC fairprice made more money last year than the previous year.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Good actually. There are too many fat fucks walking around. Most people can eat less... it won't kill them.

redbean said...

we need more competition. yes competition, genuine competition i mean, is good for the consumers.

Anonymous said...

Will Sheng Song and other supermarts be less profiteering in their businesses?