Disappeared without a trace

I think Mas Selamat really vaporised into thin air. Totally no trace of him. But one good thing about closing this chapter on him, as reported in the msm, is that people have cooled down, at least in Parliament. The Mas Selamat issue is over. There is a final accountability in Parliament and a proper closure. The people at fault have been properly dealt with. It is no longer an issue.


Anonymous said...

The few who lost their jobs...think for a moment,i am quite sure they have mouths to feed.

How they get on with their lives,anyone's guess.

Were we too unkind in melting down such punishment?

Maybe....maybe not.

redbean said...

i think we have been very kind. otherwise more people will be sacked.

don't worry, there are plenty of jobs around in a vibrant economy.