Cyberspace one up

The news of Hsien Loong's mother in ICU came out first in cyberspace. Timely news of important or relevant events reported in cyberspace ahead of the msm. Now isn't this one up over msm in timeliness of reporting? Cyberspace has literally millions of reporters. Everyone can be a reporter and report on anything that is of public interests. The msm with their limited number of paid reporters will find this difficult to beat.


Anonymous said...

Since when is news on the MM's wife of public interest ? I don't give a rat's ass, and I dare say 90% of Singaporeans don't either. They are too busy trying to make ends meet.

Anonymous said...

The reason msm came second must be because they were told not to report until 4 days later. For some reason or other they wanted to keep the public in the dark. Cannot think why though.

I agree, it is of no public interest at all. I wish her well though.

Anonymous said...

Yes, may she have a full recovery. I also hope the comments here do not degenerate into a cursing match that is prevalent in sammyboy forums. For all the failings of the Lees, she is still a human being worthy of some dignity. So, please spare the vitriol.

redbean said...

i hope by now we have reached some consensus here that we should try our best to stick to issues rather than personal attacks.

as for kwa geok choo, i have said in a post in redbeanforum that she has led a good life. it is just a case of old age. yes, let's not attack her for all the wrong reasons.

we can only keep a blog decent and respectable if we maintain some decency in what we post.


Speedwing said...

Hear hear, redbean. The old lady is unwell. Lets all wish her the best and lets keep politics out of this.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, you're supposition that "cyberspace is better than msm" is flawed.

We all know how fast bad or juicy news spreads. Even before the internet, this was going on. Bad news breaks BEFORE the msm gets hold of it. It's always been this way.

redbean said...

i don't think what i said is flawed. cyberspace has many technical advantage over the msm. it is live reporting. no need to wait for the news to be broadcast at specific time or distributed in the morning. it is not subject to any editor. it is spontaneous. it does not need to be embargo for any reasons.

it is the people's news. what the people want to say or hear.

Anonymous said...

Cyberspace is so vast that any news, good or bad, is made known somehow, somewhere unlike the MSM where they have to make sure it is good for public consumption before they publish it. Therefore, news, whether it is in the public interest or not, should be made known. Just like the website 'www.unknownnews.org' where they publish news that were lost in the MSM.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'll explain to you why your assertion is flawed:

The spreading of news throught a community pre-dates the idea of mass media.

In olden days, the women would gossip in the neighbourhood and in the village where they went to market. The men would do the same in drinking parlours and taverns.

Even when printing and newpapers were invented, the news was always at least one day old.

Cyberspace might be more "sexy" and technologically advanced than the ol' village square, but the principle is the same: HUMANS NEED TO COMMUNICATE.

And communicate they will -- whether by carrier pidgeon or digital bits.

When the first plane slammed into the WTC on 11 Sept 2001, the NY telephone network went crazy. Humans need to communicate. The msm came later.

Same deal with the Asian tsunami of Dec 26 2006... msm came much later. The personal video cams got the best footage!

redbean said...

where is the flaw? as anonymous also said, some are news and some are unprintable news, and some are not fit for public consumption as decided by the owner of the msm.

now in cyberspace, the news provider decides, everyone is a news provider. factual, opinionated, biased, truth or tooth, caveat emptor. but as people becomes more educated and wiser, the quality of news and understanding will rise as well.

don't expect the ah pek and ah soh from the kopitiam or market to be in cyberspace. they belong to a different era and level of competence.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It's ALL opinion. everyone has an asshole, and an opinion.

All truth is discovered.

redbean said...

yes all opinions. some opinions come from the ass holes, some from princes and kings. the latter are deemed to be smarter opinions.