Compare prices and save

'Consumers can save money if they shopped around, Case said, noting that there were variations in prices across supermarkets, even for the same item.' And when I study the price comparison table carefully, I am fully convinced. And I am going to put this great saving idea into practice today. I will buy canned luncheon meat and eggs from NTUC Fairprice, canned sardines and baked beans from Shengsiong, condensed milk and toothpaste from Giant, shampoo and soap from Shop N Save, dishwashing detergent from Prime, and bread from Jasons. Wow, I am starting to count my savings from buying the cheapest from all these supermarkets. And don't worry about my petrol and time. I have plenty of spare time, and I can walk.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, they are going to tell you if bus fares go up too much, you can walk. They are very good in telling others to go for cheaper alternatives. And at last useless CASE has wokem up after a long slumber and is now comparing prices. What for? Go back to sleep lah!

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'd rather save time than money. I shop at one place for everything and take with me my "Philosophy of the Three 'G's'":-

Get In
Get It Done
Get Out

Where it is possible, I shop for groceries by using the net.

Money is relatively easy to get, if you have the time. However once you've blown the time--it's GONE. It is simply not worth saving a few pennies and blowing that time you could use for more productive activities... like wild, nasty sex, writing shit on the internet, getting drunk, and enjoying the entertainment provided by the neurotic behaviour of some people.

Anonymous said...

people must be really gormless to have just discovered a handful of items that each supermarket sells cheaper than the others. CASE must be very helpful. thanks a lot.