Chipping at the armour of resistance

As the bloggers keep soldiering on, their presence as an alternative news source cannot be ignored. Vivian Balakrishnan made the strongest statement yet on alternative views in cyberspace. He said in no uncertain terms that the govt is willing to listen to honestly held views from responsible people online. This is the first shift that we are seeing and hearing. Another step forward by bloggers to be heard. But bloggers need to be reasonable and post their views decently and stay away from inciting racial and religious tension. That is not only fair but necessary as we cannot afford to have such issues discussed in an irresponsible manners that will lead to more anger, instability and violence.


Anonymous said...

A few crumbs every now and again seems to keep you satisfied Redbean.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck that presumptuos motherfucker. Who gives a shit whether the govt listens or not? Are people so sad that they need "a govt" (of all things) to "validate" their POV?

Are there bloggers salivating at the mouth, waiting to be patted on the head like obedient pets -- by their "owners" -- The State?

[pat pat pat] "There you are.. good doggies... you don't shit in the house, speak of race, religion or politics... good doggie...obey your master. Here, have a biscuit. JUMP!"

This Confucianist shit is getting old, man. People should not accept it any more.

redbean said...

there are gradual change and violent change. there are no change. better to have small incremental changes like price hikes in a few cents. less shocking.