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China got money!

China got plenty of money, $2 trillion in reserve. With so much money, China does not need any donation or help for the Sichuan victims. Is this what My Paper is trying to say in its front page article? I must agree. People with a lot of money should not be given more money. People who are earning millions should stop whining and demanding for more. Why? Simple, they got plenty of money. Anyway, just to ease my conscience, and to do a little for humanity, I still a few dollars to the Sichuan Earthquake victims. Never mind if China has a lot of money. It is personal. You do what you think is right or what that makes you feel good. You want to give, just give. Don't want to give, don't give. What about those who got millions and still think they need more? Does My Paper has a view on that? Never mind lah, they need it, and if they are able to take it, let them take lah. It would be nice if the msm take up such an issue for discussion. And if a rich country like paradise got hit by a natural disaster, I think many people will also ask the same question. Should they help paradise? Paradise got money what?


Matilah_Singapura said...

I think by now the figure is much more than 2 trillion.

The "donations" to relief efforts of natural disasters is mostly symbolic. However, people believe what they want to believe -- even if the belief is stupid. No one can change that. and no one should be prevented from believing in dumb things, or following the herd mantality -- just so that they can feel "safe", and "included".

redbean said...

agree that in many instances like this, it is symbolic, and a gesture of goodwill.

but for those who raised the issue that china has that kind of money so no need to help harbours some other thoughts in their minds.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Like I said, you can't help people believing what they want to believe -- even though it is false. Their belief gives them a sense of self-importance, makes them feel "worthy" and "selfless"....

You can't cheat an honest man