Breaking the religious armour

Lian He Zao Bao reported that the abbot of Leong Hua Monastry, Sek Meow Ee earns $660,000 a year, owns a condo and 4 companies. And he is a monk! What is a monk? A monk is one who has taken a vow to detach himself from the attachment to worldly material things. A $660k salary, a condo and 4 companies are material things that monks are not supposed to crave or own. Any monks want to dispute this fact? What looks wrong, usually becomes wrong. The services at the monastry, from my experience, is anything but cheap. It is a monastry to relieve the pains and sufferings of ordinary beans. The last thing is to relieve them of their money for services at commercial market prices. We are seeing more and more of money grabbing religious organisations among us. It is time that the govt takes a tough stand on such money grabbing organisations and tear away the religious armour of protection. No one shall be allowed to hide behind a belief to fleece money from the unthinking believers and worshippers. Religions are innocent. It is the human beans who are exploiting religions and the blind believers to line themselves with money and more money. As these are public organisations, feeding from the generosities of simple and sincere beans, accountability and transparency must be absolute. They are not private organisations established to make some people rich and earning money legitimately as a business organisations. In such religious organisations, the money were given in most cases, to the religion to do good for the sufferring transient beans.


Matilah_Singapura said...

> A monk is one who has taken a vow to detach himself from the attachment to worldly material things. <

Are you five years old, or a grown bloody adult?

No one who is alive on this planet can "detach themselves" from worldly things. It is IMPOSSIBLE.

So people who believe that monks, or popes or priests are actually "holier" than the lay-person, need to get "conned" and conned over and again.

These monks are small time compared to the likes of US tele-evangelists like Pat Robertson and Benny Hin. These folks operate in a multi-billion dollar industry: based on mysticism and belief in the super-natural.

In case anyone out there has forgotten a "natural" law:

You can't cheat an honest man

Anonymous said...

a monk is a holy man, performing god's duty to relieve you of the roots of all evil.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Oh no! Here comes a helper to "save" me!

I like my evil. It is fun. It is actually my "evil" which relieves and releases me from other peoples' "good".

god's on "duty" at the moment is to give George Bush and Dick Cheney more power. So that together the 3 of them can hammer and vanquish allah.

god vs allah is defintely more fun than Grand Theft Auto 4

Anonymous said...

I know this guy... if the rumors about him is true, he also owns a karaoke lounge, and has a wig in his car.

A "Monk" is just another job title...

Anonymous said...

A monk is one that must be holy and kind...But, if he really did any mistakes and break his vows...He has to answer for his own actions and not for laymen to discuss and criticize about his wrongdoings.

redbean said...

asians are brought up with a deep sense of deference to power, authority and religion. and many of the people in such positions are actually wolves in sheep's clothing. and they could get away with murder when they put on the trappings of authority or the robe of religion. many were found and caught red handed but let off for fear of offending the religious body.

this has caused more doubts and harm to the religion. both the religious order and the authority must act to stamp out all the charlatans and return prestige, order and dignity to the religion.

no one shall be allowed to cheat the believers for their selfish interest. one need not be a religious man to judge another bogus religious man. the religions and believers need to save themselves from crooks disguising as religious men. they are act for their own good.

even jesus said, many will come in my name to deceive you. and this is applicable to all religions.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What the fuck are you talking about "bogus" religious people?

Are you crazy?

All religion is mystical, make-believe, not in any way true in its fantastic non-causal universe. In fact the more outrageous the religious idea, the more you need "faith" to make it appear "real".

People who subcribe to and believe in religion are accepting the super-natural and the mystical -- "pretend" mumbo-jumbo...

That being the case, how can an religious man or woman con anyone? The believers of religion base their who structure of belief in something which is NOT TRUE. They con themselves. Therefore how can they be conned by a "bogus" monk when there is, in reality , no such thing?

When you steal stolen goods from a thief, does the thief report the theft to the police?

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. All religious are BOGUS. All "authority" prescribed by religion is BOGUS. The practitioners of religion are BOGUS.

redbean said...

i am getting crazier talking to matilah. my ideas were wild but mild compare to his.

seriously, many believers today are smarter and wiser than the one manning their flock and giving them orders on how to live life. and if they think this bugger is bogus, they must be prepared to throw him out. it is a greater sin to know that a devil has taken over the group but do nothing about it.

sometime i laugh in disbelief at the religious man whom i know is someone who could not pass his psle and telling the flock made up of doctorates and masters degree holders and professionals about life and living.

willing victims! the educated and knowledgeable must question. only the peasants and ignorants can't do that.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What is so "wild" about the idea that all religion is fucking fake?

There is no angry, invisible old man livin in the sky. Those "imaginary friends" people claim to have, are not real. <== I don't believe this shit, and you demm MY ideas wild? So the people who believe in all this make belief stuff are who you consider "normal"?


> i laugh in disbelief at the religious man whom i know is someone who could not pass his psle and telling the flock made up of doctorates and masters degree holders and professionals about life and living. <

That's right. Bullshit all the way.

"The Greatest Bullshit Story ever Told".

Religion has never been about life and living. It concentrates on -- to scare the bejesus out of its followers -- death and dying, usually VIOLENT death, especially for people like me who dare to challenge, and even condemn religions for their falsehood and poison.

As for giving money up for religious causes...anyone who does so has no basis to complain of being "conned".

As I have said, and will continue to state, lest we forget:

You can't cheat and honest man!

redbean said...

for those who still refuse to or are afraid to challenge the bogus religious leaders, not all are bogus though, they are in a way accomplices to their evil acts. when they see things are wrong, they must pull the plug or at least blow the whistle.

it is morally and religiously right to do so or they will let the religion be ruined by these pretenders.

in the end the religion and their gods suffer.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> they will let the religion be ruined by these pretenders. <

Word salad redbean. You are shooting yourself in the foot.

All religion is "make belief" stuff, and people have no choice but "pretend" there is a so-called supreme deity -- Krishna, Yaweh, Jehovah,Allah or God... whatever the fuck you want to call this piece of fiction.

If religion is a "big preternd", then it follows that everyone who practices religion IS, by definition a PRETENDER.

> in the end the religion and their gods suffer. <

I think god should suffer. He is a nasty, angry, cruel old cunt who abuses children; who is violent toward anyone who goes against him.

The three main mono-theistic religions: Jewdasm, Christianity and Islam are all based on the actions of a severely deranged human -- Abraham -- who heard voices urging him to MURDER his son, but he didn't because a seperate voice aka Gabriel, told him not to cut the boy's throat.

These 3 faiths are founded on death -- the killing of a child, which "the books" tell us didn't occur. How do we know for SURE? No one knows for sure whether Abraham existed or not. So suspend belief in hard-core "proof" and "make believe" he existed. Why not then "make believe" he actually did slaughter his son? Why not?

The Chrisitans took it a step further: the angry, neurotic god actually did what Abraham didn't (apparently). This psych god sent his only son off to be slaughtered -- as a blood-sacrifice which apparently absolves all its believers of SIN. all sin, even the most heinous of crimes. It would be important at this point to recall that Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic...

Man, this is closer to "Dungeons and Dragons" than it is to any SANE IDEA of "spirituality".

Every practitioner of religion is a fraud. And those who run their own shows ALWAYS need money. So if you hand over money to anyone claiming to be "a holy person", you have NO GROUNDS to complain of ever being "cheated".

You can't cheat an honest man

redbean said...

okay, okay, you have your views.

just let the religious people have their freedom to want to believe.

i am only asking the believers of whatever religion to cull those who exploited the religion for their vested interests and cheated the sincere believers.

i am not passing judgement on the believers nor their religions. peace man. don't get carried away man. what, you got a thing against religion? : )

redbean said...

oh i forgot. let's assume that all religions are meant to be good and those who exploited the religions and their believers are bad. it has to be this way.

Matilah_Singapura said...

No, that would be a patently wrong assumption. You'll find a suicide bombing everyday -- all done under the aupicies of religion.

Religion was invented as a form of social control.

How can a system of belief based purely on FAITH do any good? It can't. To "do good" you have to have reason -- be able to PROVE and JUSTIFY that you are doing something beneficial, and define WHO the beneficiaries are.

Doing good and claiming "that is what jesus would have done" Or "because it is in 'The Book'" is no argument at all. You are not using reason and logic, you are simply "obeying" some creed which will damn you for even using your enquiring mind to challenge it.

Surias in the koran actually instruct muslims to "kill the infidel".

Religion doing good? You have to be crazy to believe that!

The Curse of Faith 6:02 min

Anonymous said...

He's also in charge of Whispering Hearts Family Service Centre at Blk 646 Jurong West St. 61...

Anonymous said...

u guys actually believe watever the papers reported??

dun u all know by now how reporters write stuff without actually finding out many many truths?

maybe this monk indeed have a condo and watever business or company, but what does it matter??
u mean monk cannot make use of his intelligence and ability to make money to provide for his family or for others??

its not as if he is conning the public money or using donations to pay for his family things or luxury

y r ppl so easily red-eyed over other's ability to make money?? he already became a monk to help u ppl who felt u have sinned or need a monk to deal with ur ancestor's after-life comfort and he is doing his job, and u cannot tahan him able to earn for his won family and for himself??

get a life ppl!!!

Anonymous said...

Monks are not supposed to operate any business and investments etc. Monks should be humble and simple to lead their life detach from real world in seeking enlightenment. A monk cannot be a businessman and against his vows. However, if he never make use of public donation for his own comforts then please give him a break caused whatever he did cannot escape from his conscience and Buddha...