Dirty Index - Another dictation culture

ST May 5, 2008 Conservancy fees may be tied to index, with dirtiest precincts paying more By Alfred Siew TIRED of hardcore litterbugs, Aljunied GRC plans to start measuring the cleanliness of its precincts under a new litter index to be introduced in October. Officials also said they will consider raising the conservancy charges for the dirtiest precincts to cover the extra work that goes into maintaining them. The index, the first of its kind in Singapore, was unveiled on Saturday by the GRC's Members of Parliament.... Aljunied Town Council chairman Cynthia Phua said... that the plan is under consideration and would not be confirmed until next year, she said. The above is another case of Dictation Culture.


redbean said...

All the kpkb about higher conservancy charges linked to a dirty index is in vain. There is no such a thing. How could cyberspace comes out with such claim? Only the foolish will ever try to make people pay more because their precinct is dirty due to a few dirty residents. Or could be visitors.

Cynthia Phua has made it very clear this time that there is no such thought in the first place. And the residents breathe a sigh of relief.

So cyberspace must not kpkb next time and get their facts right first.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah. Free market principles being applied.

I'll let this one go. I think it is a rational idea.

redbean said...

matilah, what is wrong if this is implemented is that the majority of the innocence will have to pay for the culprits that dirty the estate.

it is same principle as medisave and cpf life. it is a sweeping blow hitting at everyone rightly or wrongly, but mostly wrong. many people don't need the medisave or the cpf life, but are victims to it.

a dictation culture and a dictation mindset. i avoid using the word 'dictator.'

Matilah_Singapura said...

No it is different. The dictation culture you speak about is limited to a certain area where certain people live.

When you speak of cpf life, that inclues everyone working in S'pore for a wage.

It's easier to "protest" when the context is limited stricly -- in this case to a housing development. People can simply refuse to pay, and then debate it out amongt them.

However on a national scale, the govt can throw you in jail if you don't pay what they order you to do by law.

redbean said...

a localised dictation or a nationwide dictation is still a dictation. anyway many people are unhappy with all these dictations. the popularity ranking of boonwan and enghen is the best indicator of whether the people are happy with their dictations.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Maybe so, you could be right (I doubt it)... but that is irrelevant.

That still doesn't qualify your claim that this "dictatorial attitude" is a culture.