Another case of Dictation Culture

The new motor insurance framework, if drivers did not comply may lose no claims discount. This will take effect from 1 Jun 08. 1. At the accident scene, drivers must not only exchange their particulars but take digital or MMS photos of the vehicles involved. 2. They must call their insurer's hotline for an authorised tow truck or further advice. 3. Then, take their vehicle to an approved reporting centre within 24 hours or by the next working day, whether or not it was damaged. If one does not have a camera of mobile phone with camera, mati. And the picture taken is specifically defined as digital or MMS photos. Film camera not acceptable. The insurers assume that everyone has them and in working condition, battery must be working and charged. And even if there is no damage, still must send vehicle to approved reporting centre. What for? If owners accepted that there is no damage, not enough, must send car for proof! What nonsense is this?


Anonymous said...

like that those who work in mindef and driving how? they must be given permission to use phone with camera liao.

redbean said...

don't worry, the insurers will come out with another rule to make it compulsory for all drivers to carry a camera in their cars.

if they work in mindef, it is their problem.