And now I understand

I happened to step into Robinson last week and, to my amazement, the store was so crowded. I didn't know there was a sale on. I picked up a couple of items and headed for the cashier. I almost dropped what I was holding. There were something like 50 people in the queue. I looked around for other cashiers and the same picture struck me again. It might be a big sale. But hey, that's Robinson, and every item there is not cheap ok. And the customers were just grabbing, each with a few items in the hands and under their arms. Easily every customer would be hanging on to a couple of hundred bucks of items. Now this is also a part of paradise. While in the NTUC Fairprice the same crowd was there. But you could notice that price checking seems like a past time. The customers were checking and rechecking the prices and comparing similar items. If one patronises stores like Robinson, it is very excusable to exclaim that the good times are here. What is a few hundred bucks? It is good time and spending is a good distraction to the boring life. What a different world! Please forgive me if I don't have the same world view as you.


Matilah_Singapura said...

What's the problem? The money you save at Robinson's can easily cover the increase in the price of rice and cooking oil for a long time.

People should buy more at sales. They they'll save more money ;)

redbean said...

exactly, 20% off! spend $500 saves $100. where else got better offer than this.

ntuc only got 5% discount vouchers.

Anonymous said...

NTUC's 5% not for ordinary poor hor, only for poor union members, only for housebrands and also there are conditions. But, most people's suspicion is the 5% is already much, much more than factored into the recent price increases of its housebrands, so this is just hubris. Never trust union chiefs. I have moved away from shopping at NTUC and more at Sheng Shiong and Giant although I am eligible for discounts through NTUC income.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Union? What union? All the union bosses suck govt cock lah. It's illegal to have an independent union in S'pore.

Devan Nair was a fierce union leader. In the end our "press tetek"* hero ended up a PAP man, even president.

* For the uninitiated: "Press tetek" means to fondle breasts, you know, tits. Mr Nair was famously sacked for being drunk and fiddling with the tits of a woman at an official function.

redbean said...

after reading the survey by case on where to get the cheapest stuff, and the recommendations to compare prices, i have come out with a solution to save a lot of money.

i get items that are sold cheapest in the different food chains. i will buy rice from shengsiong, toothpaste from ntuc, cooking oil from carrefour, and bread from jason. that will save me quite a bit.

don't worry about my petrol cost. i walk.