40% of Singaporean households will be millionaires

By 2017, according to a report, that is. Now isn't that good news? If we are looking at asset worth, we can make 50% of Singaporeans millionaires tomorrow by simply raising the prices of public housing. And Singaporeans will be boasting to one another that they are now millionaires. But every Thursday night they will queue up to see their MPs asking for help as they have no money to buy rice, pay instalments or medical bills. What is important really is the purchasing power. In the 60s, one needed not be a millionaire to buy a semi D at $40k. Today, a millionaire cannot even afford to buy a semi D, or come 2017, can't even buy a 5 room HDB flat. So shall we celebrate this great news to be millionaires in 2017?


Anonymous said...

its fucking scary to hear that. what it means is that our children will have a very big problem buying a house. i mean people of the lower income group.

redbean said...

what's the problem? i already bought 10 houses. so the poor bugger, they can't afford it is their problem. i am sitting tight to rip them apart, and make sure they pay for my wise investment. i am just taking advantage of the situation and my wealth : )

with hdb selling at half a mil or one mil, how much must the salary goes up before they can afford to buy one? never mind, don't sell to them if they can't afford it. sell to the foreign talents.