You want to eat in restaurant?

The beggar asked for another dollar as $2 could not buy him a bowl of noodles. Prices of everything have gone up. The giver was annoyed. What, $2 not enough? You want to eat in the restaurant like me? Beggars cannot be chosers. They should know their station in life. Got things to eat is good enough. If they want to eat at restaurants, they must be real smart and earn smart money. Then they can snap back at beggars who ask for $1 more. Who ask them to be beggars and not smart alecs?


Anonymous said...

Singapore is a first world country and beggars are choosers too. But in the first place are you sure there are beggars in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

beggars shud not be thinking of eating sharksfins is the message? a bowl of porridge and peanuts or salted fish shud be more than sufficient for a wholesome meal?

Anonymous said...

$2 should get you a meal of porridge with less expensive stuff. Or nasi-lemak with chicken wings, eggs & ikan bilis with peanuts for $1.90.

redbean said...

beggars beg. those people appearing on tv, are they beggars when they beg? : )

redbean said...

i think we should tell those buggers that can't make it to lump it, go and eat swill. how about that?

actually all these complaints are unnecessary and a waste of time. people got more impt things to do. when bother them with a $1 problem?

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Most People, including our government expect poor people to eat only white rice and a few stalks of vegetables daily. If they can afford anything more than that, they are not poor.

Is $2 too much for a meal? Depends if you are one of these people I mentioned?

redbean said...

i was watching this new program on high living. the super rich may be flaunting their wealth and having a great life. but they did not come through as being hard on their workers, the lesser beans.

is $2 too much or too little? if i am feeding myself $2, then i think it is ok. but if i am use to $200 lunch, then i am mean.

Anonymous said...

is $2 too much or too little? if i am feeding myself $2, then i think it is ok. but if i am use to $200 lunch, then i am mean.


Matilah_Singapura said...

WOW. I think the local beggars could be more grateful.

In Sydney, along with some other cities, setting beggars and homeless people on fire while they sleep is a common pastime and/or hobby.

No one wants useless bums cluttering the landscape.

The PPD shoot crows and cull stray dogs and cats. When are they going to clean up these beggars?

Drown the bastards! Video the even and upload to YouTube for entertainment :-)