The world is getting smaller

The frequent flyers will say so. The world is getting smaller. Every corner of the world is only a few hours away. Be here in the morning and Perth in the afternoon and Auckland in the evening. Technology has broken the barrier of distance. Not to those who cannot afford to pay for the fare. The world is getting smaller to the oldies. Their world is how far the legs can take them. Some may not be able to afford the fares of public transport and thus confine their activities to within walking distance. That is how small their world has become. Now that must be joking. How can this be? People cannot afford public transport? How much is lunch or kopi and how many of such lunches and kopi they have to forgo to take a trip? Sorry I think this is a myth. I am moving in the circle of friends that only mutter, 'What is $10 milllion?' Where got people stinging on taking public transport? Seow!


Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah, another sign of credit inflation.

Money supply has increased. Costs to business is up, therefore up go their fees.

People on fixed income experience a decrease in their purchasing power. Now 40 hours a week of labour buys LESS goods and services.

What to do?

Sack the fucking state, and stop inflating the money supply!

redbean said...

that is why $120k retirement fund is not enough. $1 mil also not enough.

Anonymous said...

really? b4 they close the borders, you shud try to get your retirement visa in the land of smiles. for that money you can have concubines and concubines like forever.

redbean said...

i may donate some money to a temple and use it as a retreat for the rest of my life. sure they would not demand that i donate $120k or even $20k.