What is the US doing to help the S Koreans?

Are the US helping or doing the contrary, telling the Afghan govt to stand firm, stay the course and not give in to the Taleban demands? Are South Korean lives unimportant to the Americans? Aren't the South Koreans part of the Coalition of the Willing and deserve to some help from the Americans? If there is another death due to lack of American initiative to free the hostages, this will be like the Americans burning their bridge with the South Korean govt. And they will be kicked out of South Korea. There could be a mass outcry and uprising to kick the Americans out. The Americans better do something fast or be seen as abandoning their closest ally in the war.


Anon.Dimwit said...

It's not publicised, but do we really think the U.S. is not doing anything?

What abt advising Afghan gahmen?
What abt putting weight & pressure on Afghan gahmen?
What abt waiting with ally S Koreans @ envoy level?
What abt satellite surveillance help to Afghan gahmen in watching Taliban's behind?
What abt aiding advice & electronic tech help in military rescue planning & operation in progress?

Big bro big (for now) is not sitting idle by one, k. :)

redbean said...

if you have heard what the australian foreign minister was saying last night you will get the idea what the americans were telling the afghan govt.

stand firm, do not exchange prisoners for the koreans. it will set a bad precedent and they will take more hostages.

what they did not say is that the hostages have to be sacrificed to let the talibans know that they cannot used them as a bargaining tool.

a better solution to prevent more hostages is to shoot anyone trying to enter afghanistan but has no reason to be there.

Anonymous said...

No oil there lah. Otherwise they will shout the loudest, no worry about that. It's the same in Bosnia. You kill each other not my business.

redbean said...

the koreans are just collaterals. expendable. now the koreans know who are their friend or their real enemy.

but as a semi colony, they can't do anything. can't even reunite with north korea.

Anonymous said...

bush has rejected the talibans term to exchange hostages. i doubt he would have given the matter the same disregard if the 21 are white americans.