What is all the fuss?

The National Rally was delivered with so many goodies. Something for everyone. New futuristic estates, estate upgrading, more interest for CPF, closing the income gap, employment for the old and taking care of all Singaporeans until they are buried. No, the Singaporeans did not ask to be nannied. It is a voluntary self appointed role or right to nanny the Singaporeans, a world class citizenship that cannot look after themselves and their own money. It will be a very sorry state if we have to look after our people from cradle to grave. But indeed we are, helpless Singaporeans or sheeples, unable to think for themselves and needed the good paternalistic govt to think and plan their lives. Is there any hope for Singaporeans? Now that every corner of the island is buzzing about the goodies, and also about their CPF savings, some may be asking, where is my money? When can I have my money back? Amidst all the noise and commotion, what is the real issue behind the din? Is there any real problem that no one knows or want to talk about? Or is everything so bright and rosy? No problem at all?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Yah, what's all the fuss?

I've been proudly forecasting the inevitable slide of The People's Singapore into statist iniquity—run, controlled, administered, planned and executed by a ruling elite who have absolute power given to them on a platter by the people of Singapore.


This is the ultimate self-sabotage.

Let's use CPF, our favourite topic, as an example.

One question is all that needs to be asked:

TO WHOM does The Money belong?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Every National Day, it is important to do a quick Liberty Check.

As you will note, there is slightly less liberty this year than there was last year.

This is how your liberty gets eroded through time.... do a check every few months.

Everytime the govt passes a law, check that law against the standards of liberty.

...either that or be like me and don't give a shit... waiting for the the entertainment to begin—The Epic Saga of The Rise And Fall Of A Civilization


Happy National Day, You Dumb-Fuck Suckers! :-)

Anonymous said...

U heard the pussy cat, red beanie.

What are ya going to do aout this?

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Do you know that this is the strength of Singapore?
Simply Bo Chap. Allowing govt to control them and just complain from behind.
This attribute makes the Country politically stable.

Anonymous said...

such stability is the surest sign that things are working out well for the majority, and it is a good sign too.

Anonymous said...

What can be done to break the control? Throw rotten eggs and shoes at the police like the Taiwanese. Sit in the middle of the road and chant slogans like the South Koreans. Wear black armbands to work like the Japanese. Or run riot like some Indonesians.

Which of the above is the best solution besides just complaining from behind?

redbean said...

singapore is still the best.

today another good news. roads will be less congested and drivers can drive freely and easier. in other big cities all the roads will be choked up.

i enjoy driving in our roads. but better at night when no one is driving and i get the whole freeway for myself. then i zoom from one end of the pie to the next to enjoy my car.

Anonymous said...

Careful Redbean. Is yours a Ferrari? Mahathir said that if you drive a Ferrari and you step on the accelerator, you end up in the sea.

redbean said...

ya hor. a wrx can go into the sea too if step too hard.

Turaikiller said...

It time to kick those millionaires
useless leaders out of polician. They created GLC & monoplised local profitable company like PUB, singtel, transportation & Housing Board etc & force peoples to pay more & created good GDP & in return paying themselves huge pay, good bonuses & other allowances & shamelessly claimed their success. We people are force to accept 3rd salary end up without enough saving as well dried CPF & yet to push their un-guilty responsibilty, they come out anuity to suck you people more & end up paying few hundreds dollors till you die. Look how will $300 - $500 + + & at that time, cost of living is even higher so how to live with that little miser money till you die. S'porean it times for us to wake up, are we realy want them to lead us to hell.

redbean said...

why do i keep thinking that there are too many people being paid too much and trying to find jobs to do and ended creating a mountain out of a mole hill?