What can possibly be the fuss?

Some were screaming fouls while some say that it is a good thing. For those who think they will live to 100 and have no other means of supporting themselves, having an annuity scheme to see to their last years is a comforting thought. Then why the cries of unhappiness? The official reasons for the compulsory annuity scheme is that the paternalistic govt has serious thought over the problems of ageing and seriously plans for these future oldies. The intent is absolutely noble, genuine and caring. Now who can fault a govt trying to do so much for the people, spending their expensive brain juice for the unthinking and irresponsible masses? And many of the thinking and unthinking masses are truly grateful for such a forward looking and benevolent govt. On the other hand there is a corner who thinks that it is all about no money or not enough money in the CPF to pay out when due. Now this is a serious accusation and a serious problem. And to this group, the annuity scheme, the minimum sum scheme, including the Medisave, are all designed to keep the CPF money away from their rightful owners. And they believe that the govt is trying to play a delaying tactic. If this is true, then the intention is less than innocent. While people can understand that the problem of no money needs to be resovled, by not taking the bull by the horns, and trying all kinds of devious ways to pretend that the problem is not there, and trying funny ways to tackle the issue will only compound the problems. If the problem is not enough money, then it is better to face it and not spending money unwisely on frills and fringes. If the govt can afford to spend on these, then this thought of not enough money must be a wild imagination of this group of people. The third possible reason, just speculating, is that someone thinks that this source of cheap fund should be tapped fully for reinvestment and churning profits for the nation. It is a clever thought. But if this the case, it is ethically wrong and wicked for people to exploit the hard earned money of the people and deprived them of using it. Many will die without enjoying the fruit of their labour and toil. It is a very cruel thing to do. But this is only a wild guess. With so many virtuous people and morally very righteous in charge, the people can rest assured that people with such evil thought will not get their way. Even if they do, retribution will catch up with them one day. So what is the real fuss behind the buzz? There is an official position that sounds so logical and caring. Then some people do not believe so and are cringing with wild imaginations of their own. Who is right and who is wrong? What is the tooth?


Anonymous said...

I think the poor thing who is desparate becomes paranoid, and starts to imagine all sorts of reasons and conspiracy theories surrounding the badly desired monies that were withheld from him just like the rush from a jilted lover.

redbean said...

ya. those poor pests. can't make enough and only think that the system is against them. blame the system for their incompetence.

they better wake up their ideas and start to make more money for themselves; )