Umno Youth threatening bloggers

Hishamuddin had spoken again, threatening bloggers with sedition. "Umno Youth warns that freedom has its limits and we will not tolerate those who touch on issues of national stability, harmony, cultural values and the personality of national leaders," he said. Actually who are the greatest culprits in raising sensitive issues and threatening violence in the country? Luckily he did not draw his kris this time round.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Hear come the obstreperous inbreds again.

Folks, this is what happens when the culture of intra-family fucking prevails.

Imagine an entire country built on this type of culture, by people who practice it.

Boleh? Boleh lah!

Anonymous said...

So much dirt were revealed that they had to do something. It is not the issues of national stabiliy, harmony, cultural values but the revalations of massive amounts of money lost on projects that go nowhere and becoming white elephants. If this is the end result of all their projects, then the three mega development regions are going to have trouble ahead.