Sultan of Selangor said

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor said, 'This country belongs to all Malaysians regardless of their race, and everyone has a right to feel as Malaysians.' The Sultan and some other royalties are showing concern about the worsening racial tension in the country stirred up by opportunist politicians in UMNO. The Sultan also said that politicians should not try to become popular by stirring up racial issues. If Malaysia and Malaysians were to allow the politicians to keep on stirring up hatred and animosities, Malaysia will go down the slippery road of self destruction. Instead of building consensus and building the economy, the politicians could only think of gaining fame and self interest at the risk of driving the country into racial turmoil. Has any of these opportunists come up with good developmental ideas to improve the life of the Malaysians? Zero. All they know is to stir shit and politicise everything. How could irresponsible politicians be allowed to continue to break up the country for their private agenda?


Matilah_Singapura said...

A classic case of a "community elder"—descent from a linage of "natural elites", i.e. the sultan-hood reminding everyone that the Sovereignty of The Country and The People belong to THE PEOPLE, and not to The State—which is run by politicians mainly for their own quest to power, thereby wrenching the country and the sovereignty AWAY FROM The People.

Like I said, this is a classic case: how the people lose their country to the state, and how the power shifts to the politicians.

The people get the govt they deserve. This is why it is VITAL to KEEP VIGILANT on the (political)group voted in to govern the country. They need to be watched constantly or else they will steal the motherfucking country from you. Pay careful fucking attention, OK?


Anonymous said...

It is important that the leader of the country is effective and able. Problems like these and in Indonesia arise becos of the lack of leadership.

If China were to have such handicaps, she would definitely not be what she is today.

What Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand lacked, Vietnam and China have plenty and that's has made the difference.

Anonymous said...

What is the major difference between Singapore and China/Vietnam?

FROM MY OBSERVATIONS, China/Vietnam are more nationalistic and protective of their own people; Chinese leaders have already said, that their role in govt is to serve the people.
Their number one is on the ground working during Chinese New Year; who's the master, who's the slave is quite clear.

In Singapore, it is only about money, money and money. Period.