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SMRT's god damn right to raise fees

SMRT's god damn right to raise fees Despite the huge profits year after year, SMRT is going to ask for a fee hike, another affordable 1 to 3c. It is as if it is SMRT's god damn right to raise fee and make profit by just raising fees, without competition of course. There are many reasons why SMRT must not be allowed to think this way and get away with it. First, it is an essential service. Two, the infrastructure was laid using public money. Three, it is a monopoly. Four, It is pushing the cost of living higher for the lower income people. Five, the people just been hit by a 2% GST and the escalatiing of prices of basic necessities. Six, transportation is the like the blood flow of a person. It the flow is clogged up by higher cost, less people will be moving around and less social and economic activities will be the outcome. Lets see if there is any MP who will stand up to oppose this mentality of ever increasing fees. Let's see if there is any organisation, or labour movement to fight against this monopolistic business for the well being of the workers. Let's see if there is a public outcry. Let's see if someone will take the initiative to start another petition to register the public's disgust over the impending increase. Only a monopolistic business, and especially an essential service, can keep raising its fees to increase its profits.


Anonymous said...

The SMRT and LTA people know the peasant's behavior inside out. They will announce the increase early and then the peasants will make a little noise, but they (SMRT & LTA) know this whinning will die down within a couple of days. Then the increase will kick in and peace will prevail until next year. It works everytime.

redbean said...

singapore must patent this procedure. never fail to work.

Anonymous said...

No need lah. It only works in Singapore. So who can challenge the procedure?

TuraiKiller said...

Power corruption allow them continually to increased unshamelessly when ever they like ,only folks like us either to suffer more or fight against those greed devil blood sucker.