Singapore 2037

Singapore is a beautiful place. Take a walk at Orchard Road or Raffles Place and you know what I mean. No, not the beautiful shops and shrubs. Beautiful faces everywhere. Young, healthy and vibrant. This is the star attraction of our city. A young city of young and beautiful people. Fast forward 30 years. All those who are still around will probably be still around. Thanks to our world class health care system and the medisave. And the employment for the oldies would have been in full swing. Then take a walk at Orchard Road and Raffles Place. Eeeeeeeeeee....!!!!! Horrors of all horrors. Where are the beautiful young people? Why are there so many ancients and zombies walking around. And many on wheelchairs! What happen? Why aren't we remain a young and beautiful city any more? Quick quick, do something. Get rid of the ancient monsters. They look so horrendous, so out of place in our beautiful Orchard Road and Raffles Place. Will you be one of them? 30 years from now.... : )


Anonymous said...

Look at it this way, today's volatile, pretty and petty will be tomolo's serious, rich and matured like you often see in wall street lah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I already said, Matilah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

b4 the PM talks abt this age issues most of us were thinking, 50 years old getting old looking to retire before knocking off maybe 60 or 70. now, even redbean is talking abt wheelchairs jamming up raffles place, what a change in mindsets.

the have-nots has since been busy re-aligning their lives to prepare themselves financially etc in the event they live to 100. the haves, need to decide whether to carry their money to the grave or to do good deeds of philantrophy as the highest form of service to repay the blessings that were bestowed upoon them.

But has the govt done enough?

Anonymous said...

There U are, matilah..
Come when asked mah. Your argument is needed in this place. Come kitty kitty..


redbean said...

a few comments to all.

a. the young today maybe rich and mature tomorrow. that is a maybe. but one thing they will be for certain. they will all look like a shrivelled dried orange.

2. the responsibility of the old is first the responsibility of the individual. two, the family. third the state. but the state, with all the taxes the people paid, must have a heart, a little compassion, to look after those that were left to rot. just give them 3 bowls of porridge and a place to live and eventually fade away.

3. this is very important. please do not flame one another here. let's be friends. thank you hor.

Anonymous said...

he's an ang zi kow not kitty