Since when has Pakistan become the 52nd state?

George Bush and many US officials categorically said that if need be, the US will send their military into Pakistan to wipe out the Al Qaeda. And they is no need to inform or seek the permission of the Pakistan govt. Hmmm, when has Pakistan become a state of the US and the Americans can do anything they want in that country? Unwittingly, the US is doing a great disservice to their strongest one man ally in Pakistan, Musharraf, by undermining his standing in the eyes of Pakistanis. What kind of leader is Musharraf that the Americans can ignore him completely to operate military forces in Pakistan? Or is the US intentionally doing so to discredit him and has someone more congenial in mind to replace him? Or is Pakistan already in the complete control of the US? One thing for sure, the resistance of the Pakistanis and their anti American feelings will only grow with this kind of American rhetorics. How not to sow anti American sentiments when they do not have the slightest respect for the sovereignty of a nation?


Anonymous said...

Musharraf supports America and vice versa, but the same cannot be said about the ordinary Pakistanis. And America will therefore have no qualms about bombing Pakistan back to the stone age as somebody up there in America had threatened before. I don't think Musharraf will last long if the Americans know that Osama and Al Qaeda are taking refuge in Pakistan.

redbean said...

how did musharraf ended up in this shit?

Anonymous said...

He signed his country away to GWB when he decided to become part of the Coalition of the willing.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Asshole corrupt Asian depots and dicktators— like our own politicians— will support this.

ASIAN LEADERS SIMPLY LOVE SUCKING AMERICAN COCK AND LICKING AMERICAN ASSHOLE.(get right into the mat saleh's chocolate starfish you fucking corrupt overseas educated think-your-shit-don't-smell Asian-cunt barbarian!)

Which is why I respect Tan Sri Datok Dr Mahathir so much — that guy has got real balls lah.

redbean said...

this one i must agree with matilah. in many ways mahathir can be a pain in the arse. but one thing for sure, he does not allow any westerners to bullshit him. it is often the other way round : )

Anonymous said...

can a leopard change its spots?

see for yourself here

redbean said...

hey matilah,

just modify your lingo a bit for the sake of everyone here can?

i am use to all kinds of lingos in the cyberspace. but i think many come here because there are less vulgarities. and i also do not want to offend the people unnecessarily.


Anonymous said...

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why u geh xiao is it?
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redbean said...

hey brudder,

i agree with anyone on views. just because mati was very vulgar before, does not mean i disagree with his vulgarity then i must disagree with his views.

many times i totally disagreed with his views. i don't diagree with the person, only things the person say. it will be good if all of us can refrain from going for a person's jugular. just go at the views. that's what blogs are for.

everyone must have a view and anyone can agree or disagree.

Anonymous said...

U saying matilah singapura go for yrs or other's views?

i see he go for blogger's jugular.

we can read. :-<

redbean said...

i try to be provocative in my posts. but i must agree that matilah has gone too far in his provocation.

ok, reassess and adjust our style of postings with a bit more sensitivity.

matilah's recent posts have seen some readjustment and less violent.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah, you motherfuckers got so much time on your hands... or are you so shallow that the main topic of your discourse and intercourse in talking about me and my fucking foul mouth?

Fuck you :-) Carry on anyway. You may continue to flatter me.

redbean said...

let's have a good laugh at ourselves and move on lah: )

this is just a blog and no need to be so serious about things.