S Dhanabalan awarded Order of Temasek

This man has been in the thicks of Singapore's development and transformation from a third world to first world status. He has held many key positions that would make anyone envious of the opportunities he had. And he had done well in these offices. He is well respected and according to Jackson Tai, a man for the masses and more important, inculcating a corporate culture based on integrity and fairness. Now how many big organisations can boast about these values of integrity and fairness and be proud of them? How many are seriously violating every inch of good conduct, fair and ethical practices and masquerading under a big innocent smile?


Anonymous said...

singapore is extremely lucky to have so many capable and dynamic talents like that. they are our heros.

Anonymous said...

what's yr issue with dhanabalan, beanie?


redbean said...

i have no issue with dhana. he is one of the few good men of the first and second generations.

the issue is those coming from behind in top management positions. i could quote many examples of blatant unethical practices going around.

need whistle blowers?

Anonymous said...

how abt matilah that c--k-blower?

redbean said...

i must thank all of you here for making this blog clean and less offensive to everyone.

for those who have put up their objections to vulgarities, thank you.

and i also want to thank matilah for not being offended by the objections and being reasonable by not fighting back when objected.

let's all be friends here and encourage everyone to post creatively and sensibly.

thank you guys and gals.