The right hand left hand wayang

Promoting healthy family life was once given some exposure as a core tenet of our society. We need to organise the workplace and the country to promote healthy lifestyle and quality family life. There were even talks of setting up nurseries in workplace for parents to be near their children. The latest change in ERP hours have stirred the parents' nest. They are angry with the way they have been chased around to beat the ERP charges. From 7.30 am to 7am, how much difference could that mean to all these hard pressed parents ferrrying their school going children or rushing them to foster or grandparents before they leave for work? And it is not only the money. The toll of rushing in the wee hours of the morning, and the poor children were not spared either. They too must be woken in even earlier hours. How would all these affect quality family life? Didn't the left hand knows what the right hand is doing? Come on, this kind of patronising thought is best left to the kopitiams. All the pros and cons have been carefully thrashed out. The super talents must have done their homework and due diligence. Everything has been considered. And the solution is the best that is possible. Now what is all these complainings about early morning rush hours? Get use to it parents and little children. That is what living is a great first world city is all about. Say thank you for the privilege. This is a city that does not sleep.


Anonymous said...

The 'City of Possibilities'. Get used to it, because the possibilities may not be what you have come to expect. It may work against you.

redbean said...

depends on who is talking.