Raping the Asian Minds

For a few centuries, Afro and Asian countries were colonised by the west and robbed of everything, including pride and ability to think rationally. The physical robbing of resources and wealth may be over, but mentally they are still being raped daily, with the assistance of the media, including their national media. Today, the Afro Asians hardly remember or talk about the ravages of being colonised, and even forgot who colonised them and subdued them in their own country. For these are not the agenda in the western media. They don't talk or write about them. Better to let people forget about them. And to keep the Afro Asian's mind occupied, they created a bogeyman for them to hate. In the past it was Communism. Now it is China. Everyday the West will be bashing China for one thing or another. Expansionist, aggressor ambition, human rights, destroying the environment, pollution, poor quality food and goods, about to collapse, about to conquer the world, boycott the Beijing Olympic etc etc etc. As the message keeps on repeating daily in all the media, the subconsciousness of the Afro Asian minds gradually see this huge demon in China. And they all hate China and Chinese. Compare the Afro Asian's anti Chinese feelings to those of the Koreans. The Koreans, especially the North, knew who colonised and raped them. It was not the Chinese. Their enemy number One is the Japanese. For the Koreans were the least affected by the daily raping of the western media. Many don't read or can't read English. In the rest of Afro Asia, where English is widely used and English media is widely read and followed, their enemy number One is China. They forgot and cannot remember who colonised them and raped them. The Afro Asians deserved to be raped, mentally. For they lacked the ability to think and set their own agenda. The agenda is set for them. The thinking was done for them. Pathetic.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Colonisation is only possible because a few within the "tribe" sold out and made it easy for the "conquerers" to move in.

Remember it was the sultans and rulers who sighed "treaties" with the colonials. The colonials (and imperialists) many times increased the "bribes" to the local rulers.

Once you have a puppet, the person controlling those strings controls the territory.

Lost4ever said...

And now whoever controls the mass media controls the minds.

And who controls the media??

Sorry, but no way out at the moment. Unless u go North Korea or Taliban, and these 2 are going extinct too.

Until we come to face the truth that the British left the problems in Malaysia & Singapore, India & Pakistan, Israel & Palestine, Iraq & Kuwait... That the Americans left the problems in China & Taiwan, the 2 Koreas...

Until we see how the Vietnanese unite themselves and expel the French.

Until we figure out how we can collectivelly work together to overcome the controls put on us, Aisans (South East Asians) will continue to be raped.

Any thoughts of the Asean common market like the EU with a common Asian currency to stop the eroding of the US dollar (banana paper soon).

redbean said...

actually the sultans were given no choice. the barrel of the gun did all the talking. the bribes were like sweets to make the medicine taste less bitter.

the europeans came with formidable firepower and military might that no asian country then could resist. they all crumbled.

redbean said...

the soft power of the language, english language, has made many asians captive audience. everything western is cool.

if the asians are reading reports written by asians in their own languages, the agenda and tone are different. that's how those reading arabic and listening to al jazeera could be convinced of an alternative view. they are equally convincing.

language is very powerful. media is very powerful. advertising, changing perceptions are all through the media, words and images.

Anonymous said...

Younger people most probably have no inkling of early history of colonisation by countries such as Britain, France, Holland, Spain and Portugal. Some countries were forced to cede territories under the barrel of a gun. America rightly belongs to the Red Indians and Australia to the Aborigines. When the whites discovered (I would say colonised) America, the Red Indians were slaughtered almost to extinction. It is the same with the Aborigines. Yet they talk a lot about human rights.

If China had done the same, I
think the Americans and Europeans would have dragged up this episode repeatedly to shame China on human rights issue and to support their cause.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Being Asian was never cool...

....and then one day a guy named Bruce Lee changed all that.