Quote by Khairy Jamaluddin

'How can we be racist, when we are defending equality.' And he wanted to increase affirmative action quota for Malays if the Chinese were not happy with the 30% set aside for Malays. In reality, especially in university places, it is more than 30%. And the Malay control of the economy too is more than 30%. While employment in govt service is probably 70% to 90%, depending on the ministry.


Anonymous said...

The Sultan of Selangor already knows what all this is going to lead to. The brain-drain will only get worse in Malaysia if this continues, and Singapore will be the better for it. But what can the Sultans do if they have no political power to intervene.

Anonymous said...

looks like the sultans can think better. should give them back their power lor. if not, next time you knock on the skull got kok kok sound...all drained up liao.

Anonymous said...

i agree, the idiot is just an empty vessel making alot of noises. an air head is what i see in him, that's what they all are.