Questioning the sanity of ERP hikes

Two letters in Today by a James Teo and a Loke Yue Chong questioned how the decision to raise ERP charges came about. Both could not believe that there were no better solutions available and James Teo even came out with several options. I think both, or if not many Singaporeans, still think that they can offer better solutions than our supertalents. Now that is bad. How would ordinary citizens think that they can think better? We must not doubt that many hours of serious thinking and effort were put in to come out with such a brilliant solution. It is patronising to think that our super talents were not working or unable to think of alternatives that ordinary citizens could think of. And if the people think that these solutions are still not good enough, pay more. Pay more and get more talented people to come out with better solutions. This is the best solutions at this current price.

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Anonymous said...

Those are the best solutions because the extra revenue collected is enough to pay for the increase in salary for the ministers. You see, it does pay to pay more to the super talents. They have been proven right. All the time!