Prime Car Rental and Taxi Services

What is this Ginny comes lately trying to do? To spoil the market and make other companies look ridiculous? They are going to charge lower fare, by lower ing flag down rate. And any cost savings will be passed to drivers with lower rentals and flag down rates when they go into compressed natural gas which is cheaper and more efficient. But I don't mind. I will only flag for their taxis in the future. That's the way to go Prime.


Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Its a foolish move by the company.
People will not flag that specific company taxi just because of lower starting fare.
Most will board whichever taxi next in their sight.

redbean said...

we need such companies to prove that services can be provided at cheaper price and prices need not just go one way, up and up.

the commuters should exercise their right to support the new service when they can.