Old formula of success

When the economy is doing well. When there is full employment. When income is going up and up, the old formula that nothing is for free, that all govt services and essential services must operate on a profit basis seem so logical and so effective. But can the same formula continue unabated, without ill effects? The economy is still doing well, jobs are aplenty, so they said. But are the income going up and up? Yes, if one is in the top 20% of the workforce. But for many, the income increase is too little, and to many, hardly any increase, to keep up with all the increases and inflation. In fact many at the bottom are experiencing a shrinking income. The lemon has been squeezed to the point of becoming a pulp. The income of the lower end, even the self employed, have been hit by either lower revenue or higher cost. Even the taxi drivers are being squeezed by the higher cost of rental and petrol. This is a last choice occupation when all else fails. Workers, even professionals, who cannot find employment will find driving taxis and other self employed occupation as a way out. Occupations that they have to work to pay themselves. But as these people keep downgrading, lowering their expectations, they are still being constantly squeezed and their income shrinking while expenses only go up and up. The quality of life of the people at the lower end has been stagnant for many years. There were growth years and improvements in the 70s and 80s. Since the 90s, one can hardly see any betterment. All are struggling to live day to day, trying to make ends meet. And all the public services only think of nothing but hike in their fees and charges. Squeeze them dry, every drop counts.


redbean said...

Matilah_Singapura said...
You might first ask what the reason for profit is?

Look past all the NEGATIVE socially conditioned emotion eg "profiteering", "greed", "selfishness", "self-interest", "price gouging", "explotation", "screw the customer".... these are how losers view the world—because they simply can't "win" and so they develop a bad attitude.

Anyway, profits and LOSSES are essentially SIGNALS to whether resources are allocated correctly, or not.

No organisation (except the state) can continue to operate at a loss—they will soon cease to exist. Therefore operating and generating a PROFIT is essential for LONG TERM survival and continued existence.

Govt's cannot claim to be the same as private business enterprises who are in existence because of profit.

When a govt makes profit in its ventures, very bad things are happening:

1 The govt has a territorial monopoly on all things, and therefore if it is in business, rest assured that business will be a MONOPOLY, which means they are not answerable to market forces and can charge what they like, and deliver what they, and not their customers like.

2 Having a territorial monopoly on law means they can FORCE their "customers" (citizens) to "buy" govt services, under the threat of jail or fine.

3 When a govt enterprise claims to operate on a "for profit" basis, the citizens are being screwed more than once.

First, he is screwed for taxes which are used to fund the enterprise.

Second he is forced to patronise at monopoly prices.

Third the govt can up the charges, and the citizen who is forced to buy has no recourse.

Four: if the enterprise loses money (as they eventually do), up go the taxes or the charges.

Fifth: even though the enterprise may be in the black, the govt can raise taxes and charges for any reason at all — "total defense" "future fund"... and other lies and bullshit stories designed to con the citizen in believing that the govt he voted for is actually a "necessity".

Good luck for National Day — Matilah Singapura — sing it loud and proud.

My yearly wish is once again wished—I would like to see a disgruntled RSAF pilot fly his aircraft into the VIP stand. Now that, to me would be ENTERTAINMENT.

redbean said...

shit matilah,

i need to nip off a little of your fore skin at the end.

the above post is by matilah.

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Is this YET AGAIN a show of your old formula working hand in hand to spew out pseudo sense & self-disrespecting vulgarity here?

U taking us for fools, brudder bean? ;-(

redbean said...

hey brudder,

anyone that can post here is no fool lah. some may deliberately write funny or in broken english, but don't underestimate anyone here hor?


Anonymous said...

Can a leopard change its spots?

How about 2 leopards?


Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, what happened?