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Oh, Talibans are not savage after all

Yes the Talibans have released the S Korean hostages. They are not blood thirsty savages after all. There is hope that they can be saved. And now that they are not going to kill hostages, maybe more missionary groups can be organised to save them huh? One good thing coming out from this is that countries that were coerced to join the coalition of the willing by the US can use this method to withdraw from the conflict. Just send a mission there, get them arrested by the Talibans, negotiate and pledge to withdraw all their troops and activities there and promise not to set foot there anymore. And all their boys can go home. And they can tell the Americans, look, we have a deal with the Talibans. And what the heck. The Americans will not do anything if their people are taken as hostages.


Anonymous said...

ya your new mates huh?

Anonymous said...

Beanie's got his geography all screwed too. The hostages are SOuth, not North Korean. When did N Korea become part of the coalition of the willing ?

redbean said...

thanks for spotting the error.

posting early in the morning, still a bit sleepy : )

Anonymous said...

ok the Talibans are not savages, they just execute and release people when they feel like it.