Not secular nor theocratic but Negara Islam

Abdullah Badawi in a written reply to Lim Kit Siang wrote that Malaysia is Negara Islam. Lim Kit Siang said after receiving the reply, 'We had hoped he would exercise restraint on Islamisation, but all those hopes have now been dashed.' He told The Straits Times, 'There is a general sense of unease and concern over this,..."


Anonymous said...

So what ? Why should anyone be surprised ? The writing has been on the wall for some time.Only delusional fools like LKS refused to see it. And now he is feigning helplessness ? Try harder next time, LKS.

redbean said...

it is time for these minority politicians to be kicked in the arse. they better behave like MCA and MIC.

emigrate if they are not happy.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, i like that, not this nor that but the ... something in between... that's good one hahaha