Non Muslim Minister speaking up

Bernard Dompok, a Minister in the Prime Minister's Dept has spoken up against the Islamic State remark. Obviously Bumi Ministers have totally disregard the existence of many non muslims in East Malaysia and have taken their existence for granted. If Malaysia is an Islamic State, then East Malaysia too will come under Islamic principles. The natives and many East Malaysians are not muslims. Bernard Dompok said many people he knew would be very unhappy and they would 'have to contend with the issue for now.' Did he meant to contend the issue or to be contented with the issue for now? If they are to take on the issue now and fight it then there is hope that Malaysia will not become an Islamic State. If they are to be contented with the situation now, then it is as good as Malaysian becoming an Islamic State quitely and surely.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

"Everyone has an asshole, and an opinion."

Doesn't it ROCK that human beings are all different with different world views and definitions?

I think it is wonderful.

To me Malaysia will always have that endearing quality of being populated and run by culturally incestuous folks who by their intra-family fucky-sucky activities keep the gene pool from getting stronger, resulting in widespread cretinism and moronic personalities.

Kongkek lah puki basi emak awak, dan hisap kan kotek busok babpak...

Yah, betul. Malaysia Boleh...