Natural for citizens to criticise, as well as praise Govt.

'It is natural that citizens should criticise the Govt. It is also natural that citizens should praise the Govt for doing good. This is how a healthy relation is established between the individual and the collective.' George Yeo I could have copied the whole article in the Today paper by Nazry Bahrawi. The expression by George, perhaps the most down to earth minister with a halo over his head, shows a different kind of maturity and security in a person. He does not see every criticism as an attack and a need to respond with a sledgehammer. He sees a healthy relationship with the people that may not see eye to eye with the govt in some issues. And he accepts that it is the right of the citizens to criticise if needed be. 'But for a country to work, an active citizenry is crucial.' This is a comment by Nazry in his article.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope he means what he says, because some critics in the past, eg Catherine Lim, have been told to join a political party if she wants to criticise the Government.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Another arsehole talking cock. Who is this fucker? Another loser journalist or what?

What this dude and his fellow brain dead, govt-slave cocksuckers have forgotten (or been brain washed) is that:

The Government is A SERVANT of The People and therefore is in no position whatsoever to ever disagree with THE PEOPLE.

That's right folks, you have every right to say:


Anonymous said...

I agree with the bloke, not abt the 4 letters words but that the government is in fact a servant to the people. This is how I have always understood it. It is however different in 3rd world countries with military juntas installed, such as the present thailand for eg.

redbean said...

govt mostly started by pledging to serve the people. often they ended up serving themselves. and the people, once handed a rogue govt the power, will only ended up as sheep for the slaughterhouse.

Anonymous said...

P s s t ! !

There r rumors that halo yeo may be stepping down and out..

P s s t ! !

Anonymous said...

Initially I wasnt happy with the govt for alot of reasons. I was full of criticism and hardly any praise.

Strangely though after following blogs like this, especially postings by redbean and the views of the forumers, I have actually grown wary of these so-called "alternative opinions". They make me realised how limited and narrow their views can be. I also learnt how dangerously slanted and prejudice they can be with their judgements.

Hence I am really grateful now for those in charge. How fortunate indeed singapore is becos of them.