Myth 158

The New Chosen People Singapore is so blessed, and so are Singaporeans. Singaporeans are the New Chosen People of God. We are blessed with all the supertalents that the world can have. Our people, including the workers, should all be paid salaries more than any other people in the world. This is to enable them to pay for all the world class goods and services at world class prices. Our properties will soon be the most expensive in the world, like our cars. Our office rentals deserve to be the most expensive as we are the paradise on earth. And our shopping paradise will price all their goods at a price where the rich and famous can afford, including Singaporeans. It is our right to price ourselves, including our salaries of workers, to be among the highest in the world. Because we are so good, we need not fear competition. For we are the chosen people. People of the world must come to this paradise to support our high standard of living. And we will continue to prosper and pay our way for all the good things in life. It is our never ending story to prosperity.


Matilah_Singapura said...

A vibrant and prosperous economy is founded on the fact that businesses are "successful". What defines business "success"? Simple answer: PROFIT.

Profit is the result of what is LEFT OVER after deducting out-go from in-come.

If your in-come is high enough to justify a high out-go, no problem.

If your in-come is NOT high enough to justify your high out-go; or your out-go exceeds your income, your business has problems and probably a short life.

It is not good to be "expensive" because out-gos for business become too high, thus making the country UNCOMPETITIVE

TuraiKiller said...

The capitalist Suckers will never bother so long their are fools of idiots for them to suck to enrich themselves more & more.

Only the people or consumer themselves have to be wise in money spending then the cost of living will then be undercontrol.

When the property prices keep on rising, not only the investors make profit, our government will also benefit by increases the property tax as claimed the property valves is increasing. This will make the cost of living even worst & currency also reduced.

redbean said...

can singaporeans really believe that they are worth 5 or 10 or 20 times the chinese and indians? these people are not inferior to us. they are in a less favourable position because of history, mismanagement and colonial exploitation.

history and colonialism are out of the way. and once they get their house in order, they are going to beat us in everything. by then who would want to pay us more than them?

and if our income is going to fall, who can afford to buy our inflated price flats except some rich foreigners. and for those who invested in properties at high prices hoping for some suckers to come along, they will find that there will be willing suckers, but unable to pay for them.

and our high rentals. the shop and offices will also have competitors around the world. why should people pay us a premium?

so how to keep up the prices? the bubble must burst.

Anonymous said...

When property prices keep on rising, developers will bid higher for Government land, because 90% of all the land in Singapore belongs to the Government. The Government suck the capitalist investors and the capitalist investors suck the home buyers or commercial property buyers.

In the case of commercial properties the higher bid for land will result in higher rental for offices, food courts, retail outlets etc translating into higher prices for goods, food and service, no doubt about it. And consumers are the ones now feeding the property frenzy.

Who is laughing all the way to the bank? Who benefit the most from the daily barrage of records in property prices?

In the end you tell me who make all the money.

Anonymous said...

How true, RedBean,
we are the chosen one ! This is no blasphemy and we will not contempting any religious thing. Here why !

We are chosen by the Money God, none other than LKY, also known as the God of No Mercy.

We are choosen to make money for money God ! Instead of worship him to give us money, we are force to worship to give him money instead.

RedBean, what other god must we worship to punish this ruthless money god and his families ?

redbean said...

let's not get personal and put ourselves in the category of blogs that just resort to baseless slanderous attacks on personalities.

we have to be of more substance to want our blog to be read seriously.

it is ok to agree or disagree with lky. but we must take on issues and not the person.


Matilah_Singapura said...

To the overly emotional idiots:

Money is merely a medium of exchange—there is no necessity to over emotionalise the issue by turning it into an object of worship.

If you want to worship someone or something, you are welcome to worship ME. You may kneel in forn of me and kiss my feet.

I don't mind. :-)