More ERPs

Come 1 Nov, 4 more ERPs will be up and another 5 on standby to be activated when traffic get congested. Also operation hours will be extended. Can't be helped. No other better ways. This is the most efficient way as it hurts the pocket. No need to pay super talents to manage with such brilliant solutions. Pay any Ah Beng $5k a month and he will come out with a solution as excellent as this.


Anonymous said...

Another 5 ERP gantries on standby. Who are they kidding? Erected in anticipation of congestion? It is going to be used soon.

This ongoing saga will not stopped. It is just an excuse to keep on increasing the ERP rates. You increase rates for highway A, motorist converge on highway B and you increase that when it gets more congested. When will it end? I see no end to the increase. It is another money-making idea, not a congestion solving solution.

In fact with solutions like this, any Ah Beng can come out with it, not necessary from a million dollar man.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I say redbean, how about a more positive attitude lah?

At the best of times, land, in this case road space is a scarce resource in S'pore. At peak hours, road space becomes even more scarce as the number of users go up.

What happens when resources get scarce? The price to use them goes up. If the resources weren't priced in the market, then everyone would use the scarce resource at the same time thus causing traffic congestion.

redbean said...

didn't i say it is good for the drivers? free flow of traffic. that's what all drivers want.

i also post this in my forum.

Strategy of laying mouse traps

What I will do is to lay a mouse trap in the path most taken by the mice. Once a mouse is caught, the rest will scatter and use other paths.

And in order to catch them all, I will get ready with more traps for the alternative paths. Once I know that the mice will be rushing to use other paths, my trap doors will all open.

Snap, snap, snap. All kena trapped.

Anonymous said...

the erection of more gantries are really wanting more money from the motorist. if Government is sincere to alleviate the congestion in CBD, then they should give incentive to motorists using the less congested area. If gantries can be built around congested area, similarly Gantries can be built in less congested area. However, those Gantries in the less congested area instead of debit you, they give you credit. that is rebate you for using the less congested area. then i say Government is fair and sincere.

Anonymous said...

I dread to think what is going to happen when the population reaches 6.5 million and many more vehicles are added on to our roads. By that time the whole island will be one huge ERP network and motorist will have to pay the moment they drive out of the carpark. You do not even have the luxury of choosing an alternative route. The ERP rates will go up and up that's for sure.

Guess who is going to laugh all the way to the bank again.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

The Super talents say that a good road system will encourage more people to drive on the road. What an interesting comment as I thought we control the no. of cars on the road through COE?

They should also be looking into how to improve the transport system and to encourage more people to use the public transport.
They simply do not understand the frustration of squeezing the bus or MRT.

Rumoured that they might come out with a road-tax system which you pay more as your drive more on the road soon. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the ERP should be set at $5 for every road junction you crossed. Like that every motorist should try for the least junctions to reach destination. This is one sure way to get more money from the ahBengs who should not be driving.

But no ERP for buses and taxis. This will reduce operating costs for public transport so increased pax. More pax should end up in more buses which run faster and at short intervals.

redbean said...

true, the objective is to encourage more people to drive on the road. but driving must also be a pleasure without all the jams. so must get rid of the jams by increasing the fees to get on the road.

now what is $5 or $10 to pay for the pleasure to drive in our excellent world class expressways? wind down the windows, pull down the tops and smell the fresh air! that is a pleasure to drive without all the crazy drivers cutting in and out and trying to be a little faster.

when the roads are free, can try 200kph too. can be quite safe without so many cars.