The Malaysian Pandora Box

Abdullah Badawi came out to say that Malaysia is neither secular or theocratic. What does that mean? Najib and Mahathir said it is Islamic. PAS wants it to be Islamic. The MCA and MIC and the eastern Malaysian states claimed that the founding fathers of Malaysia wanted it to be secular. Would Malaysia be formed if it was to be an Islamic state? The answer is obvious. And the British colonial govt will not allow it. During its conception, it was plain clear to everyone that it was meant to be a secular state with every Malaysian being treated equally except for some special rights to the natives, not just to the Malays. Over the years the Bumis have shifted the goal posts gradually on the threats of another May 13 should the minorities dare to open their mouths. So what we have in Malaysia today is a state running on two principles, Islamic principles and Malay dominance. It is good that the issue is out in the open. Malaysia shall categorically state its position. If it is an Islamic state, a Malay state, or whatever, let it be clear for all and no need to beat around the bush, and everyone guessing. Once the official position is stated and adopted in the Constitution, then so be it. Those who accept it stays. Those who cannot agree with it leave. Only then will Malaysia be allowed to progress in its own chosen path without threats of racial or religious bloodbath. The Malaysians must know what kind of constitution and state principles they are supposed to live by.


Anonymous said...

If Abdullah said otherwise, would the eastern Malaysian States still want to be in Malaysia under Islamic Rule? Probably not and the people there really have no fear of the Malays who are not the majority there unlike the minority races in Peninsula Malaysia. I bet Abdullah could not do a Najib because of the consequences. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming election.

redbean said...

it is reported that abdullah is losing his support from the chinese voters. his support comes mainly from the malay and indian voters.

the country is getting more divisive at the rate it is going and the eastern states are getting very wary of what can happen to them soon.

Anonymous said...

No wonder got bomb hoaxs la!
Hey, where r u, mati the m'state basher? ;-)

Anonymous said...

beanie.. your blog will be better without this public nuisance above.

Anonymous said...

Beanie, U are again allowing mati and his filth criticising gahmens, religions blah blah blah in yr blog. What's yr prob in house keeping huh? :-(

redbean said...

what's happening huh? matilah is here?

no lah, after all of you expressed your disgust he has taken your points and have not be so directly abusive.

may peace be upon him.

may the force be with you.


Anonymous said...

he's NOT here anymore?
u sure meh, beanie?
what or who is the blogger responding to yr posting on another koreans shot?
after getting licked off from his attacks at the islamic m'sia state, that bapo has gone attacking christianity?

Anonymous said...


We can't believ you sh-t as much as him, Red Bean.
We're disappointed in you brudder. ;(

redbean said...

come on guys, i no anyhow bullshit here lah. matilah is posting in the blog but not in this thread.

and let's give him a chance as he has not be so abusive as before. it is impt that people take notes of comments from fellow bloggers and make amends to others sensitivity.

let matilah get use to the new tempo lah.


Anonymous said...

Can a leopard change its spots?

redbean said...

matilah has shown that he respected the objections raised, which means he is not stubbornly trying to irritate you guys lah.

chat with him and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

can a leopard change its spots?
why does a dog return to its vomit?
why does swines roll in mud?

why do U put the onus on us, redbean brudder?


Anonymous said...

"Wash a pig as much as you wish, it goes right back to the mud"

I always remember this Russian proverb.

Anonymous said...

Wash an a--hole thoroughly clean, and it'll still be a...?

U guessed it! :)

Anonymous said...

what is worse than an a--hole?

how abt two?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah lau. Again I, along with my "fuck you" to govt and "sewer mouth" are topics worthy of discussion.

I am touched by the attention. I also would like to come in all your sisters' mouths :-)

Best wishes,