Malaysia heading towards a crisis

Malaysia is heading towards a crisis of unimaginable proportion, worst than May 13. This time it is not because they having too small an economic pie. It is the other way round, they want the whole cake and eat it. And to make matter worst, they are being led by two of the hottest firebrand and ambitious politicians, both trying to outdo each other to prove that they are worthy of the Premiership. Hishamuddin was hot, but he cannot hold a candle to Khairy who is bent to upstage him in all aspects. Khairy is going to prove himself to be a fiercer fighter for the Malay course. He is prepared to burn down anything in his path. On the other hand the MCA and MIC, after their shameless appeasement of UMNO in 1955 by giving in without a fight, is again hiding meekly in their closets without breathing a word of protest at all the changes that are being made to the detriments of the minority races. This time, with better organisation and more power in their hands, the bloodbath is going to be clinical and complete. The kris will be drawn and wash with blood if the firebrands are not stop in their path for personal glory.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I always thought Mahathir was hot in his younger days when he was expelled from UNMO, but Hishamuddin and Khairy are two of a kind. Of course the fiercer they champion Malay rights, the more support they will get from the Malay ground, but at what cost? It will be very bad for the country if ever racial riots occur again.

redbean said...

both are riding on the fury of racial and religious animosity. and the end result for fanning such sentiments is clear.

national leaders should build their power base and popularity on national consensus and team building rather than on division and strife.

things can go very bad very fast if the firebrands are not lock up.

and when violence broke out, there are no moderates. everyone will be forced to take sides.

Matilah_Singapura said...

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Aahh I could get used to the attention.

Allah Akbar :-)