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Making informed choices

“The Ministry will continue to manage medical inflation without compromising the quality of patient care,” said the MOH spokeswoman. “We will use market forces, where appropriate, to manage medical costs — for example, through publishing bill sizes and quality indicators. She added: “This will allow Singaporeans to make informed choices on where to seek treatment and provide transparent benchmarks on the comparative efficiency of healthcare providers.” Singaporeans will now be better informed. So they can choose between SGH, KKH, NUH, CGH or AGH. And if they still find these hospitals unaffordable, they can try Gleneagles, Mt Elizabeth, Thomson, Raffles, East Coast, Mt Alvernia etc. Now that Singaporeans have so many choices, they should not complain about high hospital charges.


TuraiKiller said...

Ultimately still have to pay for hgh medical cost, lot of useless talk cock millionaire fellows. They can't manage to bring down medical & cost of living then try getting $1500 per month then they will definitely know how to reduce it...Hopeless

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

The problem is that not many people knows where and how to compare prices.

Many people still rely on word of mouth when come to hospital selection. They are not aware that the difference in prices can be wide between Restructured hospitals.

redbean said...

maybe singaporeans still can afford to pay the going rates. we have to see how much more can they afford to pay.

as for price comparison, the scope should be extended to JB. if only the malaysian govt could capitalise on this cost differential and build a medical complex, minus all the security and safety problems, they will give singaporeans a real alternative. at the moment, informed or uninformed, there is really no other alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Now that Singaporeans have so many choices....

More like Hobson's Choice I think.