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Lin Xue Ling interviewed Ngiam Tong Dow

Thank god, it was not Xue Ling Lin interviewed Tong Dow Ngiam. At least CNA got it right. Otherwise it would be Ms Xue interviewed Mr Tong. Lately all the Ah Beng Lims and Ah Lian Tans seems to have disappeared for a while, or taking cover. Or there will be a new surname, Mr Ah, to take note of. The gist of the interview where Ngiam Tong Dow was so fortunate to serve under two great pioneering leaders, Goh Keng Swee and Hon Sui Sen, was his comment on compassion. He said that in any system, there would be the 5% that would have problems and not making it and needed help. And the govt must have a little compassion to help these people. Yes, these are the lazy, useless people to some. To the kinder ones, these are the people that are less endowed, less gifted, handicapped or under privileged that have too many chains around them to run forward. Though it is the brutal truth that the able should be amply rewarded and be given the biggest share, such thoughts are very ungenerous. Coming from private individuals is ok. But from people in public offices is bad. Anyone in public service and thinks about how many more millions he should be getting and constantly trying ways to make sure that he will not be short changed should not be in public service. The public sector cannot have room for money minded individuals who have little compassion for the less able. Being in public service, they are expected to look at the whole picture and their policies, thinking and decisions must be inclusive of everyone in the country. They should not be thinking only of themselves and their great and clever friends. Compassion in our society today is showbiz. It is only for display over the big screen, to be seen but does not mean anything.


Anonymous said...

Poor Ms Lin Xue Ling..
She's way too skinny. Takes so much of her facial muscles to pronounced her impeccable English..
Putting on some weight will help her looks fresher & younger, n come across as more convincing & influencing.
Regards. :)

redbean said...

ya, she needs to beef up a little and will look better.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can email her lor, bean brudder? :)

redbean said...

i hope she reads our postings here : )