Greed has no Shame

As we march down the road towards greed, as we celebrated the virtues and benefits of greed, it is time that we discard all the hypocrisies about goodness, generosity and a caring society. We should boldly embrace the positive aspects of greed and how it drives every man and woman to his best in chasing after more money. It is time to stop all the hypocritical acts of unproductive idealism. Singaporeans must be taught to cherish the culture of greed. That is how we can progress at an ever faster pace, financially and economically. We will have the best of everything money can buy. Anything that were claimed as virtues and money cannot buy were false virtues, mirages, the opium of the poor. There are ample proof and evidence that greed is the driving force in our growth. And everyone who is plainly displaying this by clinging onto whatever they have, title, position, influence and money, to get to more money for themselves, without shame. Singaporeans must be brave to tell the world that this is our culture and our formula for success.


Anonymous said...

Greed, anger and ignorance - the root of all human sufferings.

redbean said...

also the root to grandeur and brutal arrogance.



redbean said...

hi notcoughcough,

welcome to the blog. not sure where are you heading.

Anonymous said...

I was going to talk about economic marginalization, got distracted.The corporations and wealthy should share their wealth and be a little more understanding. I don’t mean charity; rather fair employment, and not slavery (working 12hrs/day and gets 2days off a month).
One percent of a product is cheer genius or luck and the rest is labour (pov). So be kind to ants.


Try milking a cow for all she can give, and see how long before she gives no more. The consequences will have to be bear by the society (tax payers).

The expatriate, yes they bring wealth but at what cost. They are here also for milking as much, when economy is bear they would leave for better pasture. Look at the definition (loosely) of expatriate. The expatriate should be very appreciative of people of Asia, most of us don’t treat them the way their people treat us in their own country, they cry foul against us when we take up jobs there because of our work ethics and smartness. The saddest part is I faced racism from some of them here… SHAME. Leave your immoral value.
Piss not coughcough