En bloc musing

The Horizon Towers sellers stood to sell their flats for $2.5 million each before it was aborted because of some technicality or reasons. And the buyer is going to sue. Now the issue is how much to claim. How about claiming that the plan to rebuild the place could generate profits in the hundreds or thousands of millions, like 100 storey high? This will probably mean a potential big loss in profits. Now the claim should be $5 million each from the sellers for breaching the agreement. Maybe claim $10 mil from each of them by submitting a plan that each new unit will be so well furnished and appointed that they can be sold at $10 million per unit. Those poor Horizon Towers owners must be having a nightmare now. It is now up to the buyer to decide how much they want to claim.


Anonymous said...

Nightmare on Leonie Hill? When is the premiere?

Anonymous said...

As a last resort these people can always band together to counter sue the buyers for their nightmares, if they think they have a case. The big winners will then be the lawyers.

Anonymous said...

The lawyers will say there is a 50-50 chance. Winners take all.

redbean said...

and i heard them said that they must answer to their shareholders. so must sue the sellers and rip their pants.

still got to do with justice, equity and proportionate compensation. if the sellers cheated and tried to backout in bad faith they need to be made to pay.

the issue is how much. can the buyer now cook up things like $500 million or $50 billion potential losses and make the bad losers pay? it will not be impossible for the buyers to claim that they have plans to build a 1000 storey complex to heaven.