Educating on the Inevitable

The old must die. That is a certainty that no one can escape. When the body ages, all the systems must fail, and all the regenerative and defensive systems must break down. That is life. We need to educate the people on the inevitable. We must educate the people that the road to the beyond is not something to fear or to delay at all cost. The people, especially the less educated and enlightened masses, must be assured that there is nothing in dying. It is a natural path to take. It is good to live as long as one is healthy and able, and with the finances to keep life going in a comfortable way. But if health does not permit, or finances are drying up, and when age and sicknesses catch up, there is a time to let go. When the people have been taught to expect the inevitable, there is lesser fear of death by old age. There will also be lesser worry about saving not enough for old age and the expensive hospital bills. There is no need for expensive hospital bills. Why should a lonely, homeless, penniless person, with all the body systems breaking down, insist on staying alive and paying a ransom to the medical profession and institutions to remain in that pathetic and useless condition? Would it be better, if he still have some savings in his CPF or Medisave, to use it to make his life more comfortable, enjoy his few remaining years with the food that he misses or the wine he wants to taste and live life to the fullest instead of stinging to keep all the money to be given away for the medical care givers to splurge on themselves? We must educate the people to save for their own comfort and enjoyment and not to feed the medical bills. Up to a point, there is no need to throw more money away to pay medical bills when the effort is futile.


Anonymous said...

but not enough to pay medicals how?

Anonymous said...

Aiya in singapore when you are old.. sick.. do not have enough to pay the medicals.. and you cant sell your worn out backsides or borrow from ready credit, what are you going to do when the fee goes thru the roof like the recent rental increase?

Anonymous said...

One must be comfortable and enjoy oneself.

If you reduce tobacco use, control blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar you may live till 80 or more.

This could mean a lengthy period of health care especially if you survive till 100.

Unless you are gainfully employed till the end, your means of looking after those basic healthcare needs in the remaining years of your life CAN ONLY come from your medisave or your savings.

So what is enough? nobody knows or is willing to commit themselves.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, in a moment of stupor wrote:

> We need to educate the people on the inevitable <

"We" needn't do anything. Why spoil the surprise anyway?

Give them a fucking shock lah...and be entertained!