Capitulation of Opposition Parties

All the opposition parties are silent and dare not breathe a word on the issue of whether Malaysia is an Islamic state. They were told to shut up and they shut up. I thought this happens only in the red dot. Only an East Malaysian Minister in the Prime Minister's office, Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok, dares to speak out on the issue. To him the minorities cannot live in a state of denial when things are obviously wrong. To him, if the people's representatives, the leaders representing minority races, refuse to speak up, then they must give up their positions as leaders of their people. The MCA and MIC have sold out their people in the past and are doing so in this issue. So are the other minority parties. Do they still believe that they have the right and moral authority to represent their people? As Malaysia progresses, certain issues must be discussed in the open, intellectually and rationally. Not by the threat of the kris and blood letting. If it is too much to debate in public, at least it should be debated in parliament among civilised men. Can this be taken for granted? And it needs not be telecast live to the people. Keeping mum and not talking about it is a betrayal of the people they represent. The Malaysian politics have been held at ransom by the ultras under threat of violence for too long. It is time Malaysia changes its course in the political development of the country and works towards a more progressive and mutually tolerant society among the various races.


Anonymous said...

A few youtube searches would convince you that there are not many civilized in the Malaysia parliament.

Anonymous said...

And the Opposition is not keeping mum over it (in so far as DAP is concerned). It's not a new issue - but those who hold the reins of the media in our country are less benign than their Singaporean counterparts.

redbean said...

in politics, the agenda is also set by the minority vocals. they called the shot and drown out the views of the moderate and silent majorities.

it happens everywhere.

DAP and perhaps Kedilan may be the only two voices in the wilderness. Gerakan used to be quite vocal during the days of Tan Chee Khoon. Now like a graveyard.